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Silhouette Cameo

Note: As of 2024-07-14, the Silhouette Cameo 2 is installed in the makerspace. Below is a mix of information from 2 and 3.


  • Silhouette Cameo 2

Approved Trainers

Demonstration Video: (Cameo 3)

How to stick vinyl using transfer tape;

Trained Members

Trained Trained By Date
BenN Pete 21-DEC-2013
JimK Pete 21-DEC-2013
AudreyH Pete 21-DEC-2013
HarveyM Lexie 5/6/2014
Kaysy Pete 5/31/2014
Mykal Pete 5/31/2014
FelishaW Lexie 8/26/2014
ShaneT Brant 9/7/2014
AndyK Pete 9/12/2014
TeresaC Lexie 10/24/2014
Kendra Brant 11/28/2014
KeithM Brant 11/28/2014
LindaSz Brant 11/28/2014
Issac Brant 11/28/2014
SteveB Brant 11/28/2014
BradF Lexie 12/13/2014
SamL Lexie 12/13/2014
EllenF Lexie 12/13/2014
Bill*2 Lexie 28-FEB-2015
Scott S. Lexie 28-FEB-2015
Rick S. Lexie 28-FEB-2015
Kendra M. Lexie 28-FEB-2015
Linda S Lexie 6-MAR-2016
Amy Stanley Lexie 6-Mar-2016
Sean Evan Lexie 6-MAR-2016
Faith Herrara Pete 16-MAR-2016
Barbara J Rehm Lexie 22-MAR-2016
John Bacik Lexie 22-MAR-2016
Steffanie Maher Lexie 22-MAR-2016
DL Swanson Lexie 22-MAR-2016
Jason Moore Lexie 22-MAR-2016
Ryan Miller Lexie 22-MAR-2016
Minoca Thomas Lexie 22-MAR-2016
John Olson Lexie 22-MAR-2016
Amy Haffner Lexie 22-MAR-2016
Bill Coon Lexie 22-MAR-2016
Todd Gnacinski Lexie 22-MAR-2016
John Nelson Lexie 17-MAY-2016
Tim Kern Lexie 17-MAY-2016
David Arnold Lexie 17-MAY-2016
Dave Bateman Lexie 17-MAY-2016
Dale Noll Lexie 17-MAY-2016
Jonathan Lin Lexie 17-MAY-2016
Dmitry Krivochenister Lexie 12-July-2016
Anastasia Kraft Lexie 12-July-2016
Rainer Wolter Pete 16-JAN-2018
Joe Baker Pete 16-JAN-2018
Billy King-Dee Pete 16-JAN-2018
Tyler Phillips Pete 16-JAN-2018
Joshua Rolefson Pete 16-JAN-2018
Amber Jackson Pete 16-JAN-2018
Maksym Pryhodko Pete 16-JAN-2018
Mary S. Brant 27-APR-2018
Lyra C. Brant 27-APR-2018
Dan B. Brant 27-APR-2018
Casey Van Groll Hapto 30-JAN-2024
Arushi Gupta Casey 24-FEB-2024
Corey LaFleur Casey 22-APR-2024


  • Member should (at a minimum) bring their own vinyl. There may be small scraps to use, but bring your own rolls or sheets.
  • Members doing a lot of cutting may want to own their own blade and possibly their own cutting mat.


These are the consumable that should be ordered occasionally.

  • Silhouette Cameo 12-Inch By 24-Inch Cutting Mat
  • Silhouette Cameo Replacement Cutting Mat
  • Silhouette Replacement Blades



Machine Status

  • OK
  • Blade changed by Lexie on 8/22/2014

Supplies Status

Color Finish Width (inches) On hand
Contact paper n/a 12“ A little
Contact paper n/a Scraps Not much
Transfer tape n/a 6.5” 1 roll
White Matte 9“ 1 roll
White Matte 12” 2 rolls
White Gloss 9“ 2 rolls
Black Matte 12” 1 roll
Black Gloss Any None
Red Matte Any Nope
Red Gloss 15“ 2 rolls
Orange Matte 9” 1 roll
Orange Gloss 15“ 1 roll
Navy Blue Matte 9” 1 roll
Navy Blue Matte 12“ 1 roll
Navy Blue Matte 15” 1 roll
Navy Blue Gloss Any None
Brown Matte 9“ 1 roll
Brown Gloss Any None
Gold Matte 15” 1 roll
Gold Gloss Any None
Silver Matte Any None
Silver Gloss Any None
Dark Green Matte Any None
Dark Green Gloss Any None
Lime Green Matte Any Scraps
Lime Green Gloss Any Nope
  • Order supplies from:
    • Amazon
  • Previous orders:
    • None


  • Craft Lab


  • Lexie

(Extra over the needed $250 $230 will be used for consumables and spare parts.)


  • 2024-07-17 - Silhouette 2 is currently installed.
  • 2017-06-03 - Silhouette 3 Arrived at Makerspace to replace Silhouette 2
  • 2013-12-21 - Silhouette 2 Arrived at Makerspace


  • The Silhouette can cut paper and vinyl, and with a special blade, fabric. (More info.)
  • The cutting mats are sticky so the material you are cutting will adhere to it. If they lose their stickiness, just wash with dish soap and allow to air dry.
  • You can use the Silhouette Studio software (Mac OS X & Windows) to design things, but it can also import DXF files, which you can export from Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, or CorelDraw.
  • * Silhouette Studio 3.0 does not work with Windows XP - Vista or higher.
  • You can cut things via a computer and USB cable if you use Silhouette Studio, or via an SD card with your files on it. (The SD card is a little bit more tricky.)
  • Remember that if you are cutting vinyl to use for screen printing (involving sticking the vinyl on the bottom of the screen) you need to reverse your image! Use the 'Flip Horizontally' command under the 'Object → Transform' menu (or the 'Object–>Mirror' menu).

Training Notes

Here is a quick checklist for Trainers to ensure that all topics were covered.

  • Machine and Materials:
    • Loading and unloading the cutting mat
    • Blade types, installation, and depth adjustments
    • Cutting mat care and maintenance
  • Silhouette Studio Software:
    • Basic navigation and interface overview
    • Changing mat sizes within the software
    • Trace function and point editing
    • Understanding vectors, paths, and their role in cutting
    • Material selection and settings optimization
    • Test cuts and blade adjustment
  • Simple Walkthrough
    • Getting Image and Text ready for print
    • Weeding the design
    • Applying transfer tape

Blog Posts

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