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Alexia Natkin is also known as Crimsontales on the Milwaukee MakerSpace Google Boards. She is by trade a trainer and project coordinator. At the space she is also one of the Craft Lab Champions.

In reality she is a diverse person who hides in the craft lab or runs around being a gregarious individual who loves to share in the joy of making.

Making Areas: - Sewing (intermediate) - Knitting (beginner) - Crocheting (beginner) - Painting & Drawing (intermediate) - Laser Cutter (beginner)

Alexia is also a writer who is working on a writing project that has bloomed into larger proportions than ever intended. The encouragement coming from her writer's group - Allied Author's of Wisconsin. She also has a blog called Acronomicon that gets updated about once every 6 months regarding the journey of writing a book of (hopefully) epic proportions.

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