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Warm Weather Projects

Things we should do before winter

(In no particular order)

  1. Striping the parking area
  2. Lighting in the alley
  3. Paint metal door frames
  4. outdoor signage (requires city approval– the sooner we can put together a proposal, the more time we'll have to actually work on it before winter)
  5. Awning or gutter above north door (lack of same caused severe rusting to previous door & frame)
  6. Mortar in the brick that fills the hole outside the south door where a light switch was removed
  7. Rooftop solar
  8. Rain barrel Determined to be useless. Rain Garden instead?
  9. landscaping?
  10. tuck point and repair brick around the building
  11. Covers inside the ventilation fans to minimize leakage in winter (open when in use)
  12. Weatherstripping on the bottom of outside doors

Things anyone can help with

  1. Repair/add locks to restroom stall doors
  2. Make and post shop rules/safety signs
    1. See SeanM's suggestions shared via Google Drive
  3. Make and post group policy signs (EricB said he'd cut some vinyl and/or design some)
    1. Big Pallet racking sign
      1. Storage for full time, student, and ? members only
      2. 1 pallet per member Label your pallet
      3. It must fit on the rack and not interfere with adjacent pallets
    2. Big part-time member shelving sign
      1. Part time member storage 1 shelf per member
      2. Label your shelf!
      3. Don't let anything stick out the front or sides of your shelf
    3. Big workshop signs
      1. Don't use equipment you aren't checked out on
      2. Clean up before you go home
      3. If you leave a project out, label it with a parking pass (passes are kept xxx)
      4. Don't bring any new equipment for the space until it has been approved by the Board of Directors
      5. Raw material kept in this room is available for any one's use - unless it has someones name on it
    4. Member Storage Area signs
      1. Material stored here belongs to members and is not available for hacking
      2. Members, label your areas and keep you stuff inside your allotted space
      3. Any member who wants to rent storage space please contact the Board of Directors
  4. Add bin or mailbox for blank parking permits/tickets
    1. Post in workshops, near doors
    2. Maybe include markers/pens
    3. Tie yarn/string to markers/pens so they don't wander off

Administrative Tasks

  1. Data entry - Type up visitor email addresses from Sustainability Summit sign-up lists
    1. ShaneT offered to do
  2. Update member agreement to remove commercial activity 5% donation clause
  3. Replace cam lock on Drop Box so we have two keys
  4. Guest Liability waivers
    1. KevinB said he'd come up with an 11×17 binder or something, see 3/7 Board Mtg Notes
    2. JasonG suggested a computer terminal with thermal printer paper be set up (on member's only list)
  5. Continue identifying tools/equipment
    1. Complete training forms, leasing forms, add numbered stickers, etc.
    2. What to do if no one claims ownership of something?
    3. Review our liability policy and determine equipment leasing
  6. Continue discussion on installing CCTV/DVR security cameras
  7. Designate a temporary project storage workspace in east room (after Art Jam)
  8. Designate areas for MMS raw material storage
  9. Continue discussion on kids in the Space
    1. How to resolve safety and liability issues
    2. Planning events specific for kids i.e. Maker Scouts, Big Brothers/Big Sisters
    3. Limiting access to parts of the building

Lenox Project To Do List By Area

Currently Planned Spaces

Network Infrastructure - 100% done

  • Owner: ChrisH
  • Participants: MattW, Royce, others
  • Projects:
    1. Order the internet - done: 10mbit/1mbit up/down Time Warner Cable Biz Class Service -done
    2. Identify which switch, router, wifi equipment we need
      1. 24-port Cat5 patch panel - donated by ChrisH
      2. Fortinet Firewall - installed, configured & running
      3. Cisco 2900XL Switch - installed & running
      4. Cisco AIR-AP1200 WAP - installed & running, but will be moved to a different location soon.
      5. Cisco WAP4410N (x2) - loaned by ChrisH
      6. WRT54GL (w/DDWRT) - donated by ChrisH
      7. NetGear switch (used in the office area) - installed & running
      8. Add outlets in areas as requests come in
    3. Install our network printer - Brant and Tom telnetted in and set it up, done
    4. Perhaps get an additional printer?

Chemical Storage / Fume Hood / Etching lab - 10% done

  • Owner: ???
  • Participants: BrantH, ???
  • Projects:
    1. Determine where and what this is - is it in a vault? – Yes, in Vault 15/16
    2. Is it okay to have the etching so far from the electronics room?
    3. How will we get water there, and who will do it?

Wood shop - 90% done

  • Owner: Tom Gondek (previously MattN)
  • Participants: KevinB, RonB, TomGz, MattN
  • Projects:
    1. Wood storage - build some shelves or something
    2. Move the Panel Saw in -Kevin, MattW, Adam, Dennis, Tom, Shane
    3. Put other equipment in there -Kevin
    4. CNC router land - get it in and re-set up – Now operational!
    5. Outlet Installation - Brent and Kevin Hooked one up!
      1. Completed by TomGz
    6. Workbench - Move one in. MattW and Kevin
    7. Find the wood scrap bin and put it in - Kevin
    8. Organize the wood scrap/stock, make a rack or bin for it
    9. Dust collection system - set it up

Metal Shop - 70% done

  • Owner: MattW
  • Participants: RonB, TomG
  • Projects:
    1. metal storage (vertical storage of bar stock along a wall is organized and space efficient)
    2. hardware storage - nuts and bolts
      1. drawers unpacked - JasonH et al.
      2. boxes moved over from east room
      3. Other hardware should be found and put in drawers.
    3. Outlet Installation
      1. Tom is working on this,should be done around 2/5 -Done
    4. hand tool storage area
      1. Find Pegboard -Kevin
      2. Attach pegboard to wall -Dennis
      3. put tools on pegboard -done!
    5. power tool storage area -done!
    6. Workbenches - build them!

Welding Area - 60% done

  • Owner: Matt W. / Dan J.
  • Participants: TomGz, MarkR
  • Projects:
    1. Build Stock rack for forging material.
    2. Build Auxiliary hammer / forging tool rack.
    3. Build shelving for mold boxes.
    4. Mount small forge in permanent home.
    5. Build door system for large forge - almost done.
    6. Set up space for casting/forging equipment - done
    7. Build stands for post vice and anvil - done
    8. Make wall racks for hanging equipment - done
    9. Wire up outlets - done
    10. Set up kiln - done

Audio System - 10% done

  • Owner: Kevin B
  • Participants: ???
  • Projects:
    1. several ceiling/wall mounted 8 channel audio system for metal shop/classroom/woodshop
    2. Install it!
    3. Rock out!
    4. Identify what type of PA system we need, and who will lead the installation

Laser Cutter Room - 70% complete

  • Owner: JasonH / Shane
  • Participants: Shane, JasonH, Lance
  • Projects:
    1. laser cutters - take the legs off, bring them into the room, reattach the legs -Shane and ???
    2. Figure out where to put the blowers and air assist - set up by AdamC, ShaneT, MattW, etc.
    3. find the computer, and find another one to also put software on -Done
    4. New fan was installed by Lance and others on Sunday, 2/10
      1. IMPORTANT - Motor should be rotated to be upright
      2. Needs to be updated - only connected to 25 Watt laser currently
    5. build Materials storage rack (acrylic, plastic, paper, cardboard, etc.)
      1. In progress by JasonH
    6. Room could use sound dampening.
      1. Ceiling tiles wrapped in bright fabric and mounted on walls may work and look attractive.

3D printer Area - 90% done

  • Owner: Joseph and ?
  • Participants: JosephB
  • Projects:
    1. Where will this be? – East end of Electronics Lab, behind cabinets
    2. Find Tables, set up computers and printers on them
    3. Needs more power and data outlets
    4. Where is Bob? No, not that one, Bob the computer. – Using new computers. Open call for names - Use generic names “3Dprinter1” etc.

Chill Out Area - 18% done

  • Owner: AdamC
  • Participants:
  • Projects:
    1. Find Couches. If you have a truck, you can help! (Done?)
    2. Find Gaming Systems Kinect would be nice.
    3. Find a big screen TV
    4. Humorously oversized games. Giant Yatzee/Jacks/Scrabble/Craps
    5. Laser Kaleidoscope
    6. BADASS 2.0
    7. Giant Makey-Makey Piano Keyboard
    8. MAME Cabinet

Electronics Area - 80% done

  • Owner: Dennis?
  • Participants: ???
  • Projects:
    1. Unpack - pretty much done
    2. Set up electronics library - done?
    3. Unpack or organize the soldering irons
    4. Perhaps make “soldering stations” that have relevant equipment (soldering iron, solder, cutters, pliers, hot glue?)

Craft Lab - 50% done

  • Owner:
  • Participants: Alexia, Colleen, Lance, Rich
  • Projects:
    1. Redesign space to incorporate new cabinets.
    2. White board put up.
    3. Thread rack with cool design.
    4. More Shelving (along with clear containers for communal supplies)needed - 50%
    5. Moar Couches! (Joe R has agreed to bring in the rest of his couches for us to use!)
    6. Melanie Table (Lance/Lexie will work on possibly by 4/10/13)
    7. Move Pinball machine and bookcase out of Craft Lab into Lounge area
    8. Update wiki with all communal equipment and tags
    9. 2nd set of iron/ing board Thanks Ed C!
    10. Hanging organizer for glue gun/heat gun/rotary cutters things that don't hang easily
    11. Tardis Mini-fridge

Classroom - 20% done

  • Owner: ???
  • Participants: Buggs,
  • Projects:
    1. Permanently setup Google hangout infrastructure
    2. Many Computers on desks (Probably won't happen.)
    3. Find those computers
    4. Find those desks
    5. Desks have monitor shelves (to put them away during meetings)
    6. Computers have software needed for 3d printers, cnc routers, laser cutters
    7. Set up the Library - for O'Reilly books and texts from Lindsay Publishing

Meeting Room - 76% done

  • Owner: ????
  • Participants - Pete, BrantH, KevinC
    1. Table
      1. KevinC is building legs/bases.
    2. Projector is mounted.
    3. Screen is mounted.
    4. Long HDMI cable leads to front of room next to screen.
    5. Podium is in place, but needs more work (Pete)
    6. Add ability to dim just the lights in front of the screen (Can Vishal help with that?)

Photo and Video Area - 20% done

  • Owner: ???
  • Participants: Kevin, Brent, Pete, Ben,
  • Projects:
    1. Photo table with lighting and background sweep for easy professional photographs of projects
    2. Video production area (possibly combined with the photography area)
    3. Get some permanent lighting set up - would be nice if this were continuous, rather than flash to enable video work
    4. get a roll of paper or six to use as background
    5. Install the paper rolls on a table so it's all set up!
    6. Someone should teach a 15 minute workshop on lighting
      1. Pete will do this.
    7. Can we fit this into the telecom room?

Storage Areas - 42% done

  • Owner: Matt W.
  • Participants: AdamC, KevinB, BrantH, ???
  • Projects:
    1. Keep track of who is renting what - make a map! Post it on the wall!
    2. Pallet storage - Devise a way of labeling owners of each pallet on the pallet racking (AdamC, BrantH working)
    3. File cabinet/Locker storage/Drawer storage - Devise a way of labeling
    4. build part time member storage from shelves that Rodney brought in
      1. Shelves have arrived in the east room, and have been set up as 'Part-time Member Storage'.
    5. Square rental
      1. Could include squares that have been built up into cubicle-like rental spaces

Dark Room - 10% done

  • Owner: Brent/JasonG
  • Participants: Brent/JasonG
  • Projects:
    1. Dark room/light tight area for various light-sensitive processes.
    2. Photography, screen printing, etc.
    3. Ideally there would be a slop sink and power sprayer in there as well.
    4. Install ventilation - fume hood?

Metal finishing area - 0% done

  • Owner: ???
  • Participants: ???
  • Projects: Do we have any of this stuff? Who can bring it in?
    1. Sand blasting area
    2. Spray booth for painting (Tim Gr. has one.)
    3. Powder coating lab
    4. Anodizing lab
    5. Metal plating area
    6. Fume Hood?

Bathrooms - 33% done

  • Owner: ???
  • Participants: ???
  • Projects:
    • Make the bathrooms clean, welcoming, and presentable
    • Jackie B. was interested in helping decorate

Building signage/wayfinding - 80% done

  • Owner: Brant
  • Participants: ???
  • Projects:
    • Interior signs
      • “Keep aisles clear” signs posted -Done
      • Plastic sign holders on vault doors posted -Done
      • Number each exit door -done
      • Post floor plans with “you are here” dots -placeholders posted
    • Exterior signs
      • Large sign(s) for facade, refer to local ordinances
      • Vinyl logo/name on exit doors?
      • Possibly use those sandwich boards to make “MEETING TONIGHT” signs to set out front on Tues/Thurs?
        • +1
    • Remove unnecessary exit signs?

Many More Areas

  • Owner: Everyone
  • Participants: ???
  • Projects:
    • Support equipment - air compressor, vent pumps for lasers, dust collector
    • Electric car conversion area
    • “Snack Area”
    • Beverage storage and distribution
      • Soda and B.a.d.a.s.s.

Updates to Webpage

  • Owner: Everyone
  • Participants: PeteP, KevinB, BrantH
  • Projects:
    • Update photos of available equipment with great photos taken in our new space
    • Brant asked PeteP to take 360 panoramas of each room once we're more settled/setup, shoot for early March
      • Did a few rooms… will eventually do more.
    • Update rotating photos of members on the home page

Finished Project Gallery / Trophy Case / Wall of Fame - 10% done

  • Owner: Everyone
  • Participants:
  • Projects:
    • Trophy case and display cases or tables for showing off samples of members' work
    • This should be right up front - in the entry way
    • Post articles and newspaper clippings on walls
    • Post member photos (In progress!)

Payment drop box - DONE

  • Owner: N/A
  • Participants: Brant
  • Tasks:
    • Attach it to the wall -Done

Screen Printing Area - 70% done

  • Owner: Pete
  • Participants: Tom Go., Brent
  • Projects:
    • Set up the Silk Screen Area (It's in the vault hallway)
    • Gather up squeegees
    • Gather up blank screens
    • Get consumables:
      • Spray glue
      • Ink
      • Packing tape

Other Possible spaces

  • Computer testing/repair lab
    • In the telecom room?
  • Co-location data center
    • Leverage Network connection room for some member hosting of projects
  • A/V experience
    • wall o speakers
    • wall o monitors
  • First aid kit / emergency eyewash station
  • Rolling Sink with flexi hoses and floor drain
  • Combat robot arena, or walled table for robo-testing
  • Brewery

Stretch Goals

  • A lab space for bio-hacking… microscopes and such.
  • Solar collection system on the roof
  • HAM radio antenna on the roof
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