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New Building Space Plan

PLEASE REFER TO Lenox Project To Do List By Area


Dimensions of Present Space

  • Library: 13' x 23' = 300 sq ft.
  • Lab: 20' x 23' = 460 sq ft.
  • Machine Shop: 36' x 40' = 1440 sq ft.
  • Wood Shop: 20' x 22' = 440 sq ft.
  • Welding / Casting Shop: 20' x 30' = 600 sq ft.
  • Pallet Racks: 45 feet long, 8 to 12 feet tall

The New Plan

Step 1: Identify the areas we need, things like a metal shop, electronics parts library, etc. - at this point we don't care where they go or how big they will be and we don't want to group them either.

Step 2: Create a diagram showing all the areas and their relationships, primarily shared resources and activities. Here is where we start grouping related areas - like the electronics library, lab and PCB area.

Step 3: Arrange the diagram to put related areas next to each other.

Step 4: Map the diagram onto the building, there will be some compromises and it won't be perfect.

Step 1a

Necessary spaces:

  • Wood shop
  • wood storage
  • CNC router land
  • Metal shop
  • metal storage (vertical storage of bar stock along a wall is organized and space efficient)
  • hardware storage - nuts and bolts
  • Welding area
  • Casting area
  • Forge Area/blacksmithing
  • ceiling/wall mounted 8 channel audio system for metal shop/classroom/woodshop
  • hand tool storage area
  • power tool storage area
  • workbench area (4-6 large workbenches, each with bench vises and electric and compressed air drops - think high school shop)
  • laser cutters
  • plastic storage
  • 3D Printer area
  • electronics lab
  • PCB lab
  • electronics library
  • Textiles lab
    • clean space for the embroidery and sewing machines
  • Pallet storage
  • File cabinet/Locker storage/Drawer storage
  • Support equipment - air compressor, vent pumps for lasers, dust collector
  • Classroom / Meeting Room
    • Permanently setup Google hangout infrastructure
    • Many computers on desks
      • desks have monitor shelves (to put them away during meetings)
      • computers have software needed for 3d printers, cnc routers, laser cutters
  • Photo table with lighting and background sweep for easy professional photographs of projects
  • Video production area (possibly combined with the photography area)
  • Square rental
    • Could include squares that have been built up into cubicle-like rental spaces
  • Electric car conversion area
  • Kitchen
  • Beverage storage and distribution
    • Soda and B.a.d.a.s.s.
  • Materials storage (acrylic, plastic, paper, cardboard, etc.)

Step 1b

Desired spaces:

  • Silk screen press area
  • printing lab
  • Computer testing/repair lab
  • Co-location data center
    • Leverage Network connection room for some member hosting of projects
  • A/V experience
    • HMMMMM
    • wall o speakers
    • wall o monitors
  • Snack storage and consumption area
  • Fume Hood
  • Metal finishing area:
    • Sand blasting area
    • Spray booth for painting
    • Powder coating lab
    • Anodizing lab
    • metal plating area
  • Dark room/light tight area for various light-sensitive processes.
    • Photography, screen printing, etc.
    • Ideally there would be a slop sink and power sprayer in there as well.
  • Many Sinks
  • Membership payment drop box
  • A lab space for bio-hacking… microscopes and such.
  • Solar collection system on the roof
  • HAM radio antenna on the roof
  • Arts/Craft area to entice others with those interests to join (as in Buggs' wife)
  • Determine need for intercom and possible locations
  • First aid kit / emergency eyewash station
  • Cleaning Storage area
    • Mop Sink
    • Garbage
    • Recycling
    • Lawnmower/lawn care storage?
  • Rolling Sink with flexi hoses and floor drain
  • Library -for O'Reilly books and texts from Lindsay Publishing
  • Kid-friendly area where parents can put their short people to play with a bin full of Legos
  • Combat robot arena, or walled table for robo-testing
  • Distillery and/or Brewery
  • Trophy case and display cases for showing off samples of members' work

(Much of this was taken from the initial page new building ideas.)

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

  1. Storage Vaults
  2. Shop Area (raised floor)
  3. Shop Area (raised floor)
  4. Where the garage door will go? [Dennis: Garage door will probably have to go directly into area 3 from the alley (South of area 4). Cars wouldn't be able to make the turn from area 4 into area 3.]
  5. Office Area
  6. Telcom/Server Room
  7. Disconnect/Xfmr Room
  8. Office Area
  9. Small Office
  10. Bathrooms
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