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New Building Ideas

PLEASE REFER TO Lenox Project To Do List By Area


For an update on the space planning, please see New Building Space Plans

In the near future Milwaukee Makerspace will have a new building, and with a new building comes new possibilities. Please use this page to share with the group your ideas for the new building. What rooms/areas do we need? How should we do storage? Where should the nasty chemicals go?

Things we should have:

  • Slop Sink / Water
  • Classroom
  • Drive-in garage door
  • Permanent computer w/camera for meeting Hangouts, etc.
  • Define zones within the space and define what activities are appropriate in each zone.
  • Review zone lighting and access any changes needed.
  • Workout a janitorial schedule and assign to members or offer someone a membership in return for these duties. Meet inspections to retain these responsibilities?
  • Establish mailbox for membership fees collection etc.
  • Install a central dust collection system. For all woodworking, lasers, etc. (could this also handle fume hoods and a spray booth mentioned below?)
  • Identify a meeting space large enough for all members
  • A clean space for a permanent photo table with a roll of white paper for a sweep and lights. Also should handle video needs (lots of lights!)
  • A clean space for the silk screening rig to live in.
  • A computer bar along a wall with random computers including a monitor/keyboard/mouse station for people who need to plug in a tower to see if it works….(Shane)
  • A small table with walls around it along with a dedicated computer; for robot testing. (Shane)
  • A lab space for bio-hacking… microscopes and such.
  • A clean clean space to work with fabric… including a very large (clean!) table for laying out fabric and cutting it.

Things we could do:

  • Rent storage rooms to members
    • if these could be used as studios, a number of UWM art students would be interested
    • I think we talked about renting space to members before non-members… but they are welcome to become members. ;)
  • Rent rack space to members
  • Rent desk space to members
  • Rent space for members who run businesses when they have overflow/busy periods
  • Create a solar collection system on the roof (after it is repaired)
  • Put in a green roof with walkways and vegetable gardens, or the logo in flowers (bonus points if visible in google earth)
  • Create usable deck space on, and access to, the roof (after it is repaired)
  • Put a HAM radio antenna on the roof (if we have HAMs as members who want one)
  • Create a darkroom/board etching space with water and a slop sink
  • Leverage Network connection for some member hosting of projects
  • Offer member offsite backup to storage @ the space
  • Area to have a liquid Nitrogen dewar (why? Um, liquid Nitrogen, that's why!!)
  • Setup an Arts/Craft area to entice others with those interests to join (as in my wife Buggs)
  • Offer desk/cart/tape vaults as storage space for rent
  • Investigate Network racks, photos are unclear but may include an old PBX
  • Rent office space for use with Members business ventures?
    • Need to better understand zoning, I heard we cannot do any manufacturing but how about a service company?
      • I don't think anyone is going to be doing manufacturing at a level that would be considered “manufacturing”
    • Mailing addresses
  • Allocate space for medium/long term automotive work
    • (in the area of electric vehicle conversion only)
  • Setup a space that will offer dust control e.g. auto body sanding
  • Setup a paint booth
  • Setup and automotive washing station (A carwash?)
  • Setup a short term automotive maintenance zone for oil changes, etc.
    • (We can't work on cars, except for electric vehicle conversions)
  • Determine need for an intercom system? Including to access badge access @ door?
    • We are also planning the MEWS (Makerspace Early Warning System for “runaways” which is code for any “out of control” robot.)
  • Phones? or Cellular microcell depending upon provider signal strengths.
  • Setup a computer lab:
    • May be used for crowd sourced development.
    • For for training classes offered by members or by others brought in by members.
    • Maybe this is the general classroom? large tables w/chairs in the middle, and workbenches around the outer walls?
  • File for 501©(3) to allow us to purchase computer equipment and software at substantial discounts for use @ the site. e.g. SolidWorks, Rhino3D, etc.
    • (Some members have been interested in becoming a NPO, others don't care as much… definitely worth discussing further.)

Building Plans

  1. Storage Vaults
  2. Shop Area (raised floor)
  3. Shop Area (raised floor)
  4. Where the garage door will go? [Dennis: Garage door will probably have to go directly into area 3 from the alley (South of area 4). Cars wouldn't be able to make the turn from area 4 into area 3.]
  5. Office Area
  6. Telcom/Server Room
  7. Disconnect/Xfmr Room
  8. Office Area
  9. Small Office
  10. Bathrooms
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