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Lance Lamont

Hi! I'm Lance Lamont. I joined the Milwaukee Makerspace in February of 2013.

What am I doing at the MakerSpace?

So far I've spent quite a bit of time focusing on the laser cutters. Both using them, as well as getting the room and computers set up better.

One Atom Daisy

Too Many Ideas


  • RC Cars
  • Car Racing
  • Computers
    • Video Games
    • C/C++ Programming
    • Touch Screen
  • Embedded Programming (PIC Microcontrollers)
  • Theatre
    • Lighting
    • Sound
    • Set Construction
    • Basically if it doesn't involve me on the stage, I'm interested in it.
  • Special Effects
    • Some Molding, Casting and Latex fun
  • Costuming
    • a Few ideas at this point
  • 3D Printing
  • Laser Cutting


  • Computer Programming (C, C++)
  • Embedded Programming (PIC Assembly, C)
  • Woodworking
  • Basic Mechanical Aptitude

Completed Projects

  • Design and build a craft table for the craft lab
  • Laser Cutting back boards for PCB Demos
  • Map of Europe with my parent's cruise route on it. Blog/Instructable in the near future
  • Sound dampening fabric frames built and hung in the laser cutter room
  • Round Rune puzzle prop for GenCon

Current & Future Projects

  • BBCM Interactive LED Wall
  • BBCM Kinetic Sculpture
  • (Future) Laser Cut Makerspace signs with Shane
  • (Future) Makerspace Monorail

Tabled Future Projects

  • Design and build a control panel/sound dampening box for the Air Assist and Blower system tabled.
  • (Near Future) Laser Cut Makerspace keychain Design complete, tabled.
  • (Future) 1“ Cube Can Crusher (for a possible contest!)
  • (Future) Laser Cut “Roll-out” shelf design
  • (Future) Laser Cut brush stand for Mini painting

Project Notes/Write-ups

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