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1" Cube Can Crusher Contest! (1"³ C³)

What is it?

The 1“³ C³ (1” Cube Can Crusher Contest) was created based upon a need at the Milwaukee Makerspace. We had too many un-crushed cans, and two few people interested in mounting or making a can crusher.

So let's make it a competition!

Competition Time Frame

Dates are forthcoming. Hopefully final judging will occur during the Grand Opening celebration in the spring.

Guidelines & Rules

  1. Safety is priority #1 - Try to prevent uncontrolled flying debris or potential pinch/amputation issues.
  1. The final goal is a 1“ Cube generated from a single, standard, 12oz Soda Can.
  1. Source of power is “open” (Human, Electricity, other…)
  1. The entire device should fit within a ??? area

Judging & Evaluation

There will be three levels of Judging:

  1. Technical Merit
  • Judged by non-competing Makerspace members
  • How close to a perfect 1” Cube is created? (Bonus points for < 1“ cube?)
  • How energy efficient is the crusher?
  • How easy is the crusher to make? How good is the documentation?
  1. Artistic Merit/Creativity
  • Judged by non-competing members or local artists
  • Is it a unique/novel way to crush?
  • Is the final shape interesting/creative?
  1. People's Choice
  • Judged during the Grand Opening open house by the public
  • Voted by the total number (weight?) of cans in the output bins?


Currently there are no prizes, but we will pursue getting some local gift certificates or other cool awards. Perhaps something cast in aluminum ;)

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