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Rune Puzzle Prop, developed for GenCon event.

Created by Lance

Project Description

One of my friends requested that I help to make a prop for one of the events at GenCon. They wanted a “Rune Wheel” with a selection of Runes on it that are split across three different rings. The puzzle is to line up the runes, then interpret them.

Build Steps

Initial Design

I always find foam to be an easy material to work with, so I went to Lowes and picked up some 2“ foam. Got to the 'space and got started… I realized that I forgot to bring the design in, so I just went for it (to get started!).


Turns out I remembered it wrong. It looks cool, but I needed 3 rings instead of the two that I extracted. On the plus side, it also showed me that I probably want to engrave the runes prior to cutting the rings out.

Second Try

So, using additional foam - this time 1” foam for the inner two rings and 2“ foam for the outer ring, I re-marked all of the wheels. From there I transferred the drawings of the runes onto the foam. This was a fairly slow process, as I did all of the transfers by hand and had to use some creative interpretation to make sure they all worked.

Once the runes were sketched I used a Dremel with an engraving bit and engraved out all of the shapes. It was a somewhat time-consuming process, but it turned out quite well.

After the runes, a Deer head was added to the center design. It was freehand sketched by my Wife and then transferred and engraved by me.

After all of the engraving was completed I took a wire brush to the foam to break up the even layers and give it more of a rock texture. After sanding I then painted two coats of standard latex paint, then a few random sprays of colors to add depth.

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