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Silk Screen Printing Rig


  • Richardson Industries, Westerville, OH
  • Includes Model #445 Hot Shot Heater


  • 4 screen holders on rotary wheel
  • 120v/1ph/60Hz, 20 amp heater

Current Status

(Though it could do with a good cleaning of the platen, and the whole machine, really… also, we should fix some of the squeegees and clean up some of the screens.)


East Room, Lenox

On lend from


2010/05/01 - Arrived at Makerspace
2012/12/31 - Moved to Lenox

Approved Trainers

Approved Members

  • Bret
  • Brent
  • Andrea A.
  • Asim
  • Rik
  • Melissa
  • Kathy C.
  • Dillan
  • Jason Moore
  • Dan Kirchen
  • John Olson
  • Adrian
  • Faith H.


  • Pete Prodoehl has been appointed Area Champion for the screen printing area. If you have questions, please ask him.
  • Tom Gondek is an expert user, in fact, he owns the machine. :)
  • If you're not an expert, please use only water-based inks, not the Plastisol inks!
  • There are a number of consumables such as ink, tape, spray glue, and possibly vinyl and transfer paper. Please make sure you replenish what you use.
  • Clean up! Screen printing is messy, especially for beginners. Make sure you clean the squeegees and screens and the machine itself. Don't leave a mess for the next person.
  • If you are using vinyl (or another temporary masking/template solution) and water-based inks, feel free to use any of the blank screens kept in the screen printing area.
  • Make sure you turn the heater off (and unplug it) when you are done!
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