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Red Dragon - Matsuura RA1F - Vertical Machining Center


Matsuura RA1F




Removed from the space

On lend from

* Joe R


8/2014 - Arrived at Lenox

Operating Instructions

Follow the directions in “Red Dragon Startup Procedure” in the documents below to power up the machine and zero the axis.

Copy your G-code to the computer connected to the Red Dragon.

Run XXXX to transfer your file to the Red Dragon

On the Red Dragon set the mode to “Memory” Push the “Program” mode button Select “INPUT” Enter the file number you want to use, it should start with the letter 'O' and 5 digits. Press “WR” - the screen should flash “XXXXXX”

On the PC

Note: If the transfer is having problems make sure parameters PM0009 thru PM0020 match the parameter file below on this page.


Looks like it is already working out far better than I had expected. I will be updating this page fairly often while in the setup phase of this machine's life at MMS.

As far as helping with it, there is a ton of work that needs to be done on it and the only thing I ask is that if you see something you can do to make it better would be to post to the message board what you want to do to it so as not to duplicate efforts and or work against someone else trying to achieve a different goal, or perhaps join in with a small group to work out a larger problem.

Tasks that need to be completed. So far off the top of my head and in no particular order:

1. Slide it west about 4 ft

2. Mount the sides to the rear to complete the enclosure

3. Secure all wiring safely

4. Add way slide covers 5. Clean it - vacuum chips, wipe down ways, any other general cleaning that might help it to be easier to work on or with…

6. Check for safety equipment

7. Mount coolant pump

8. Connect coolant system

9. Setup pallet changer (may not have all the parts for this)

10. Inventory and organize spare parts

11. Change fluids

12. Setup and repair tooling (some tools are broken but repairable)

13. Develop workflow to go from a drawing to the part

14. Fix or replace cabinet locks so they can be secured and accessed. Not sure it needs a key, but it does need to close 15. Manuals scanned for attachment to the wiki for future reference

16. See if we can add a 4th axis - I want it to cut gears!

17. get some coolant mix, we are going to need a few gallons of coolant to keep the machine happy and I don't think we have enough mix at the space.

18. Find a nice vice for it and get a set of hold downs that fit the work table. 19. Make covers for the exposed parts of the coolant/chip tray. It used to have a chip conveyor but doesn't anymore.

20. Wire in with full power once its in its final position. 21. Run more permanent pneumatic line for it. 22. Repair spindle motor

These are just some things I can think of off the top of my head, please list more tasks as you think of them. One big task will be integrating this into a workflow that can be easy for others to use. My pipe-dream is to have mach3 run it to make it more like other machines already in use at the space to reduce the learning curve as much as possible. What is involved there, I don't know, but hopefully it can be done.


Start up instructions red_dragon_startup_procedure.doc

Maintenance Manual matsuura_ra1f_yansc_maintenance_manual.pdf

Connecting Manual matsuura_ra1f_yasnac_connecting_manual.pdf

Computer Communications Function mitsuura_ra1f_compuer_communications_function.pdf

Instructions for CNC System Machining Centers mitsuura_ra1f_instructions_for_cnc_system.pdf

Appendix mitsuura_ra1f_appendix.pdf

Spindle FVD manual - includes testing components and setting index. matsurra_ra1f_spindle_fvd_manual.pdf

Parameter file - downloaded parameter file - working configuration matsuura_parameters.pdf barcodeDon't have barcode reader? Click here.

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