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#21: Forge


Approved for use

Tiffany M.



Custom built by Bret Daniel at Milwaukee Makerspace
Rebuilt with electric blower by Dan Jonke Rebuilt again for Natural Gas by Dan Jonke


Basically an oven that is used to heat objects so they can be molded, hammered, blacksmithed, etc.
Runs on natural gas
Approximately 2300 deg F max temp

Current Status



Current: Forging Area, West Room, Lenox
Previous: Casting Area, Vehicle Bay, Chase

On Lend From


2011-08-15 - Built at Makerspace
2011-09-06 - First use
2012-12-31 - Moved to Lenox


  • Running the forge with both the front and back doors wide open will prevent you from acheiving a good heat, It is better to enclose the fire as much as possible while retaining access for the size of the piece you are working.
  • There is a removable kaowool plug for the back door, and a pedal operated front door.
  • Make sure you leave the fan running on 3 after you are done forging, this will prevent the heat from backing up into the fan and burning out the motor.
  • There is a wall wart 12V power supply feeding a custom MMS designed PWM controller feeding a 12V blower fan.

-Dan J

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