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#38 CNC Router


Custom built by Ron Bean and Tom Gondek at Milwaukee Makerspace


Mach3 controller software requires program in G-Code format
Use CamBam, Blender, EagleCAD, Inkscape, etc. to generate .DXF files
Then convert to .NGC or .NC format using ACE Converter or CamBam

Mach3 and CamBam are installed on the computer connected to the CNC Router.

The size of work area is: 24" x 32.5"

(1) Bosch 1617EVS router with 2-1/4 HP, 12 amp motor

Assembled In: Motor assembled in Mexico. Bases and other items made in China.
Base Diameter: 6“ Fixed/ 6-11/16” Plunge
Collet Capacity: 1/4“, 3/8”, 1/2“, 8mm
Cord Length: 10'
Max. Motor HP: 2.25
No Load RPM: 8,000 - 25,000
Used on Model No.: RA1171, RA1180, RA1181, RA1182, RA1200 Router Tables (Router in fixed base only).
Weight (lbs.): 19.5

(2) Oriental Motor Co. VEXTA C6244-9212K stepper motors (X,Y axes)

5.7V, 1.6A, 1.8 degrees/step, current limited - running 24v

(1) ALM 90130-25-SPA stepper motor (Z-axis)

5.7V, 1.6A, 1.8 degrees/step, current limited - running 24v

(2) Microtel SP-150-24IER power supplies

150 watt, 115vAC/1ph/60Hz 2.5 amp input, 24VDC 6.3 amp output

(1) Geckodrive G203V stepper motor driver

(2) Rorze Co. RD-023N stepper motor drivers


Ron Bean mentioned getting a 1/8” spiral upcut bit from these folks:

Current Status

Disassembled and removed from space by Tom Gondek


Not at space, removed by Tom Gondek
Previous: The Bodgery, Madison, WI
Previous: Wood Shop, West Room, Lenox
Previous: Workshop & Vehicle Bay, Chase

On lend from


01/15/11 - Work started
03/19/11 - First successful operation: MMS logo cut into a block of wood
Various improvements made throughout 2011
10/23/11 - First DIY CNC Day: Added E-stop buttons and relay-controlled spindle/vacuum power receptacles
11/27/11 - Disconnected the Z axis, maintenance
01/28/12 - Relocated from Workshop to Vehicle Bay
12/31/12 - Moved to Lenox
01/29/13 - Shower/Dust Curtain installed


Use 16 and 24mm collet wrenches
Manuals available for various parts
Videos available on Youtube
08/20/2011 - CNC Router Demo
08/20/2011 - How to change a bit in the router
10/23/2011 - First DIY CNC Day
11/18/2011 - Cutting Ornaments
Tips & Tricks .Doc available on the first post here

If you intend to cut a 3D Profile and are exporting an object from SketchUp, you'll need the STL exporter found here


Links to projects that used the CNC Router

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