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Bench-top Spray Booth


  • Dimensions: 46“ wide, 24” tall, 18“ deep
  • Back Filter: one 36”x24“
  • Front Filters: two 14”x20“ & one 16”x20“
  • Box fan powered
  • Built by Brant H. on 3/18/18
  • No paint spray detected on discharge side of fan

Instructions for use

  1. Turn on room exhaust fan using timer switch on wall
  2. Plug in box fan for bench-top spray booth
  3. Set speed on box fan to high, if not already set
  4. Put newspaper or plastic sheets down inside spray area
  5. Use lazy susan/rotating table if needed
  6. Wear gloves, goggles, and face mask at your own discretion

Instructions for maintenance

  1. Check filters weekly
  2. Rotate filters from left to right or rotate 180 degrees if bottom of middle filter is coated/loaded
  3. Replace filters monthly
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