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Aluminum Anodizing Workstation

Area Champion(s)

Richard Bowman

Current Status



Metal Shop


  • Phase 1 completed on [??/??/????]


  • Training required by area champion.

Needed Items

  • 2 gallons of sulfuric acid - 1 gallon donated by Tom G.
  • 2 gallons of Nitric Acid
  • 60 Lbs of lead - DONATED - Bob R. Thank you for supporting this project!
  • aluminum welding rod (needs to be tig style rod. 3/32“ to 1/8” dia - amatteson908 is bringing some in)
  • anodizing dyes $382 (for colors Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange, yellow) in 1 Lb containers (90 gallons yeild)
  • 10# baking soda (Rob Mohr may be able to get some from Restaurant Depot)
  • fishtank heaters (not required, but will be nice to have: – $16/ea)



Training is being offered by the area champion, with a working class set up for 10/1/15. Please sign up for the class below:

  1. jmoore
  2. Andrew Krill
  3. Larry Andersen
  4. Have Blue


The Anodizer is working very well. After 30 hours of use it has produced splendid results. We have the capability to achieve any color we desire to produce. Additional items purchased:

  • 5 Gallons of Battery Acid (can make 10 gallons of bath)
  • 18 Lowes 5 gallon buckets and lids
  • 8 piece stainless large cook pot set
  • 38 gallons of distilled water
  • 11 colors of dye
  • gram scale
  • tongs

What we still could use: Nickle acetate to harden and seal the pores after color is applied (essential)

We also need to build a control panel and monitor (think Tablet computer) to really refine the process. Larry A. has donated a bunch of temp controllers to handle the task of heating the dyes and sealer

There have been complaints about the smell. I had hoped to eliminate the nickle acetate (smelly part but not dangerous) but that doesnt look like its going to happen so we need to build a ventilation (filtration) system. It would also be nice to remove the hydrogen gas from the area as well. Please share your ideas on this.

The following Awesome People[tm] supported this project

  • Vishal: $20 - Paid $20 Thank you for supporting this project!
  • Chris Hemmerly: $20 - Paid $60 Thank you for supporting this project!
  • Larry Andersen: Paid $40, donated Peltier Junction cooler, waterbed heaters, and thermostats.
  • motrdr: $20 - Paid $20 Thank you for supporting this project!
  • Tom Gr: $20 - Paid $20 Thank you for supporting this project!
  • amatteson908: $20
  • Kathy Cannistra: $20 - Paid $20 Thank you for supporting this project!
  • Brian Benjamin: $20
  • Bill Williams: $20 - Paid $20 Thank you for supporting this project!

Current Total Pledged: $200

Current Total Paid: $160

BOD has pledged $200 to the effort

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