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Sandblasting Cabinet

– need a photo –


  • We need to update this with info about the new red one Tom G. brought in


  • Need Specs

Current Status

  • OK


  • Casting Area, West Room

On lend from

  • Tom G.


  • 2016 - Arrived at Makerspace


  • There was some pre-cut window-protector material behind the blaster. If that's gone, there should be large rolls of the material in the laser lab on top of the cabinet behind the door. If you need acrylic scraps for other projects, Midland Plastics sells it for about $1/lb to Makerspace members. For a 0.22“ thick sheet that is about $1 per square foot.
  • This is how Sam does it:
    • Pickup a bag of Black Blast at HomeDespot or MyNerds or FleetFirm or whatever
    • Turn off the air and remove the hose
    • Open up the Sand Blaster top
    • Take out the screens
    • Empty all the “media” (often nothing but dust)
    • Clean out the hopper
    • Clean the intake
    • Empty the dust that fell while cleaning
    • Put the screens back in
    • Pour a plastic coffee can of Black Blast CAREFULLY onto the screen to sift it in case of QA issues or humidity chunks
    • Repeat until about a third of the bag is in there
    • Leave the bag under the blaster so the next person can enjoy fresh media (it’s not that expensive!)
    • Use a soft brush to clean all the dust and grit off the seal between the top and bottom of the cabinet
    • Replace the plastic over the window if it needs to be
    • Close the top
    • Open the side door and clean seal with brush
    • Place my steel inside
    • Close the door
    • Replace hose
    • Turn on air
    • Adjust pressure
    • Enjoy watching scale get obliterated!

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