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The Ceramics studio is full of amazing equipment that you can use, Tools, Aprons, Brushes, and other such things! But there are some personal tools that are specific to you or are too expensive for us to invest in. Here are some of my suggested tools in order of importance

Apron or overalls, something to wear in the studio so you don't have to wash your pants/shirts all the time. I personally bring a change of clothes just for the studio

Ceramics shoes(crocs or something easy to clean) I love my Merrell vapor 5s

Throwing tool kits, the 5 tools in the bins are nice but Mudtools have a nicer starter kit.

Ribs, I don't own the fancy mud tools kit above but I do own almost all of their throwing ribs… I also love mkm ribs

- Trimming tools, The sky is the limit for these. Actually carbide is the limit. You can spend a lot of money on trimming tools, I suggest getting some quality steel ones then going from there, or make your own

These are very much a personal preference kind of thing, Depending on how you like to glaze you might never touch a brush or just use the ones we have. I do suggest brushes be made of nature animal fibers. camel, minx, goat, boar. they seem to work the best. things that are meant for water colors work well too.

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