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Add items to this page if you want to see things changed on the site.

Please use the following format:

  • Thing you want (you)
    • Date Added
    • Details

Indicate on the main line if the item has been taken care of.

Open Wishlist Items

  • Calendar Fixes (jason g)
    • 2012-01-19
      • update the calendar page so that it looks prettier
      • drop the calendar in the right hand navigation
      • make the events in the calendar on the homepage clickable
  • Featured events (Adam C.)
    • 2012-06-21
      • add a featured events section on the front page so that new blog posts don't make it old news before the event even happens.
  • Facebook posting preview (shane)
    • 2012-01-19 (not totally done)
      • When posting a link to the site on facebook, it gets confused about the images.
      • from jason: i tried this out and couldn't reproduce the problem, so let's say this one is done.
      • from kevin: if you 'like' a post from the main page, this problem occurs. if you 'like' it from the post's page, this problem does not occur.
      • Some of this will depend on the images in your post. There's some tricks to it. Sometimes. — pete 2012/01/20 09:34
  • Font changes (jason + @ashedryden)
    • 2012-01-19
    • Increase the line spacing on posts to make them more readable. (done)
    • Perhaps choose a different body font. The one we have now is too fragile looking and makes jason's eyes hurt.
    • I agree! The typeface we have is not pleasing to me. — pete 2012/01/20 09:36
    • the kerning and tracking is unpleasant - there is now too much white space between adjacent letters, making it difficult to read quickly.
  • Update the Available Equipment Gallery (sean)
    • 2012-01-19
    • Take better pictures of the mill, bandsaw, welding equipment, , etc.
    • Add missing equipment(lathe, acetylene torch, etc.
  • Post to Facebook from the blog. (sean)
    • 2012-01-19
    • Allow automatic posting to the Milwaukee Makerspace Facebook page when you make a blog post.
    • This would be similar to the post on Twitter feature that already exists.
    • I assume we can choose to use this option or not use it? I still believe in hand-crafting for each network. — pete 2012/01/20 09:36
  • Look at the Gallery image formatting - The 'Projects' Gallery photos are not an orderly grid. (kevin)
    • 2012-01-24
    • I think this may be due to having to delete some images that were not displaying. Not sure of the fix. (pete)
    • This appears to be fixed now… can someone confirm? — (pete) 2012/01/29 11:20
    • I added an image to the gallery and it is broken again (kevinb) 2012/02/16
    • Does anyone know what the fix was for the last time this happened? — (pete) 2012/02/21 09:35
  • Update this page: 2012/03/19 12:45
  • Wiki Talk Pages (Chad)
    • 2014-10-17
    • I posted on the message board as well, but I would like to see talk pages added to the wiki.
    • This would allow for a single discussion point to track multi-member projects, etc.

Change of Address

This is just a list of pages we'll need to update the address on:

Completed Wishlist Items

  • Wiki link in the navigation bar (jason g)
    • 2012-01-19 (done)
  • Login link in the blog footer (not jason g)
    • 2012-01-19 (done)
  • Update to the latest version of WordPress (pete)
    • 2012-01-20 (done by jason g)
  • Update the home page box with photos of members
    • 2012-01-20 (done by pete, and ongoing)
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