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Automated Pet Food Dispenser 2

Summary Status

Assembled the RTK Motor Controller Board Kit from Adafruit.

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I was looking for a project that I could do with my #2 son, Timothy. He suggested an automated pet food dispenser. The first try at this project was a bust. I found a project on instructables that included using a CNC router to cut wood supports and a 3D printer to make the other parts. It was fun to use the CNC router and 3D printer to make the parts but the design was bad. None of the parts would fit the PVC T. I tried making the parts fit but it did not work.

The second try (this project) is from something I saw on YouTube. Basically, it is a wooden box that funnels the food down to a tube with an auger. The auger will move the food to a food dish. A motor will turn the auger. We may connect the motor to a raspberry pi as a timer and directional controller or we may simply connect it to a timer and let it run for a minute. Using a pi or Beaglebone will also let us try to detect when the bowl needs to be refilled.

I only hope our dog lives long enough to use it.

I'll make an Instructables page for this after it is all done. Also, my blog posts may give more information about some of the problems I encountered.

Equipment and Tools Needed

  • Circular saw
  • Files
  • Hand-held saw
  • Various hand tools

Bill of Materials

Part Desc Vendor Part Nbr Qty Unit Cost Total Cost
3/4“ Wood Lots $0.00 $0.00
Motor, 17v DC Buehler Products 1 $0.00 $0.00
1.5” ID PVC, 8“ long 1 $0.00 $0.00
RTK Motor Controller Board Kit Adafruit 1687 1 $24.20 $24.20


Project Tasks

Task Status
Find a motor Done
Obtain an auger Done
Obtain PVC Done
Cut a hole in the PVC Done
Connect the motor to the auger Done
Figure out how to control the motor Done
Order the motor controller kit Done
Assemble the motor controller Done
Test the auger and motor with dog food In progress
Design the food box Not started
Build the food box Not started
Assemble everything Not started

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