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Add items to this page if you want to see things organized differently at the space.

Please use the following format:

  • Thing you want (you)
    • Date Added
    • Details

Indicate on the main line if the item has been taken care of.

PLEASE REFER TO Lenox Project To Do List By Area


Things To Do During Every Makerspace Reorganization Day

  • Rounding tools up from everywhere and putting the away
  • Sweep everywhere
  • Take out the trash
  • Throw away trash from all the horizontal surfaces
  • Clean up the bay (sweeping and moving things back into their squares, etc)
  • Put any newly acquired electronics components into the electronics bins
  • Cleaning up the Woodshop
  • Organizing the lumber stock - throwing out all the odd scraps
  • Labeling / reorganizing more drawers in the screw/bolt collection

Things to Build / Organize / Reorganize At The Makerspace

  • Have a Workbench building party - to replace the work surfaces lost during our last reorganization (Kevin)
    • 1-31-2012
  • Add lighting over the hardware drawers (Kevin)
    • 1-31-2012
  • Get rid of some of the 4.5 drill presses we have (Kevin)
    • 1-31-2012
  • Clean up the junk that has accumulated on the workbenches (Kevin)
    • 1-31-2012
  • Move our old screw/bolt collection into the empty hardware store drawers (Kevin)
    • 1-31-2012
  • Label the screw/bolt collection drawers (Kevin)
    • 1-31-2012
  • Finish reorganizing the power tools and cordless tool recharging area (Brant)
    • 1-31-2012
  • “Fix” the library. Make it more useful space. (TomGr)
    • 2-03-2012
  • Build a whisky shot glass organizer to hang on the wall in the lab (Everyone)
    • 2-03-2012
  • Remove all the excess dirt and filth from the building (Everyone)
    • 2012-02-24
  • Putting in a new countertop in the lab
    • 2012-06-30
  • Add your ideas here


  • Build Smaller (2' x 6'?) tables for the Lab (Kevin)
    • 1-31-2012
    • Sort of Completed by removing one table
  • Cut and reweld one pallet rack brace to finish the new pallet racking (Kevin)
    • 1-31-2012
    • Completed by Rich on 2-21-2012
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