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We have hand soap dispensers scattered throughout the space. It's easy to replace the soap when it runs out. We have no maintenance staff so if you notice a dispenser is out of soap, please re-fill it:

  1. Wash your hands somewhere else so the soap is free of whatever you wanted to wash off your hands
  2. Obtain a bottle of dish soap from the cleaning supplies cabinet near the men's bathroom or locate the pump dispenser near the main entrance sinks
  3. Open the dispenser by pressing the long, rectangular button on the bottom-back of the dispenser up - the dispenser will tilt away from the wall near the top
  4. Carefully release the bag of soap by pressing the lower white plastic spring clips together
  5. Slide the bag of soap away from the wall to remove it
  6. Remove the binder clip at the top of the bag and unroll the bag
  7. Clean off the bag if it looks dirty
  8. Squirt about 1/4 cup of detergent into the bottom of the bag
  9. Fill the the bag to about 2/3 full with warm water
  10. Remove the air/bubbles and fold the bag back down
  11. Add binder clip
  12. Gently swirl/mix the soap and water in the bag
  13. Carefully slide the bag back into place making sure that the soap/water level is not above the binder clip (it will leak – remove soap/water if necessary)
  14. Make sure the bag completely fits inside the dispenser without being pressurized by the cover or it will leak
  15. Test the consistency of the soap - it should be foamy and give you enough to wash your hands with about 2 pumps
  16. Wash your hands
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