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Meeting #649. Agenda for Oct. 31, 2023


  • Meeting called to order by Nathan G at 7 PM

Member Project Updates

  • Sarah D: showed her projects from the iron pour. She also powder coated part of an old sewing machine
  • Rick M: made a table out of red oak (top) and base out of the white oak donations
  • Dan J: offering old CDs
  • Jeff M: made his Halloween costume (Tim the Enchanter) and threw an awesome pumpkin

Member Recognition for Awesomeness

  • Marcus S upgraded the woodshop dust collection system at Lenox
  • Hapto taught ceramics class last week for Jeff
  • Mike T helped Kathy L with auction
  • Nathan helped move shelving
  • 2 Nathan's, Alex, and John K, Sarah and Dan knocked down the wall in Lenox
  • Marcus ran space improvement day at Norwich
  • Martin helped set 2 of the air handlers with Rick M
  • Kathy A, Kathy L and Colleen for the auction
  • Martin for cleaning like crazy
  • Chris and Kathy A for the chili at SID
  • Paul, Austin for helping with the lasers
  • Sean for doing tonight's tours

Board of Directors and Area Champion Introductions

  • Geoff L: BOD
  • Anna K: BOD
  • Dan J: BOD
  • Sarah D: BOD
  • Bill R: BOD
  • Stefan: BOD
  • Tim C: 3D printers champion
  • Mike T: ham radio champion
  • Tim E: stain glass champion
  • Cherie: Leather working champion
  • Brian F: electronics champion
  • Bill2: machine shop champion
  • Bill C: Stained glass
  • Rick M: Woodshop champion
  • Jeff M: Ceramics champion

Guest & New Member Introductions

  • Total guests: 6
  • Second-timers: 2

Events for 2023


  • Model Monday. Mondays at 7 pm, Norwich: Fusion 360 Computer Aided Design/CAM class with Carl S. Starting next month will alternate between beginning and advanced class.
  • Most Tuesdays at 7:45 pm, Lenox: Stained glass training with Bill C and Tim E.
  • Odd numbered Tuesdays at 7:45 pm, Norwich: Woodshop Differences Training.
  • Wednesdays at 5pm-ish, Norwich: Ceramics and Cerveza with Jeff M. Check website. Sign up for a month of classes.
  • Wednesdays at 5pm, Norwich: metal casting area.
  • Wednesdays 6 pm., Norwich: Bytes and Beers: Arduino/electronics class. On hold pending Bryan's wedding.
  • Thursdays 6 pm. Steel Tigerlillies women's (she/her some of the time) led sculpture collective at Norwich. Getting ready for sending pieces to Maker Faire
  • Thursdays at 6:00 - 8pm, Lenox: Woodshop Orientation Training (please respond to the message on the Members Only Google Group to reserve a spot—there are 4 spots per week).
  • Fridays at 6pm, Norwich: Open-Forge-Friday blacksmithing. Norwich.
  • Second and third Friday: Board game night. On for this Friday!
  • Saturday (monthly) Long Arm Training - Check google group for dates and time. RSVP at

Special Events

  • Maker Faire Nov. 4 and 5: Anna leads planning meetings before our Tuesday member meetings at 6 p.m. BE involved.
    • Load in/up beginning Friday at 4 PM.
    • Have all items to be displayed at Lenox by the Forge area/garage door.
    • Volunteer signup accessible via QR shown at meeting. .
  • Next Board meeting on Thursday, November 16th at 6 PM at NORWICH building.
  • November 10th is the Halloween party and Makerfaire wrap party 7PM at Norwich. Thanks to Paul Shank for heading up. Pls reach out to Paul if you can help. (
  • Next Space Improvement Day, Sunday, November 26th at BOTH buildings
  • MakesGiving scheduled for November 24th. Need a member to lead this important community based program.


  • Guests dismissed for tour by Sean M

Safety Note

  • When drilling a hole into a long piece of wood, steel, or anything that can wound you: have the long end of the material to your LEFT as you stand facing the drill press.
  • The chuck spins clockwise when drilling a hole. If the bit gets stuck in your material and the material spins with the bit, it will hit the post holding up the drill press, not your ribs.

Helpful Hint

  • The vertical band saws in the metal shop and wood shop have an adjustable guidepost with the blade guard.
    • The bottom of the guidepost should be placed ~1/8“ to 1/4” above the piece you are cutting
    • This will allow the blade to run against the bearings/bushings as you feed the piece you are cutting.
    • If the guidepost is too high, there is a greater chance the blade will bend or break.

Rule and Regulation of the Week

  • You must be checked out on every power tool / machine at the Makerspace prior to using it. Many of the power tools are a member's personal property that they are sharing with the membership.
  • Although you may have used a lathe for 20 years, take the time to be trained on the specific lathe at the Space which you want to use. Many times it is the owner of the power tool that will train you.

Member project in-depth

  • Rick M: discussed his table.
  • Nathan G: demonstrated how to make a personal page on the MMS Wiki

Wrap up

  • Members, Please hang around and talk to new and prospective members.
  • New Member Sign-ups: Bill R
  • Wrap-up.
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