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Meeting #611 Agenda for Jan. 31, 2023


* Jon D. calls meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at Norwich

Member Project Updates

  • Pat Roberts - Quilt with Long Arm!
  • Jon Drayna - Recycle Bin Lid
  • Dan Janke - Chisel
  • Hapto - Earrings, burn barrel
  • Jeff Man - Pitchers

Member recognition for Awesomeness

  • Jason - Thanks Bill Williams for spending 6 hours to train him on machines.
  • Hannah - Thanks everyone who came to SID for helping clean Lenox and Norwich, special thanks to Dan and Hapto
  • Hapto - Thanks Tom Klein for making plastic assembly jig
  • Xavier - Thanks Hapto for training, and to the woodshop Ricks
  • Jeff - Thanks Geoff for the meal at SID
  • Jon - Thanks Bryan for help with Arduino, thanks to everyone for wearing masks
  • Bill Coon - Thanks Dan for help with Stained Glass Area, thanks to Mike for help with electrical
  • Kathy - Thanks to Mike for electrical help with long arm
  • Katherine - Thanks to those that helped shoveling and plowing

Board of Directors and Area Champion Introductions

  • John K., Paint room champ
  • Alden, BOD
  • Bob Roberts, Woodshop Champ
  • Bryan Flannery, electronics champ
  • Callie, BOD
  • Mike T; Ham radio
  • Hapto, Laser
  • Bill Coon, stained glass area champs
  • Alden: Dan J: Forge champion, Asst Treasurer, Managing Partner of Norwich Building
  • Dan J.: Lenox facil. manager, forge
  • Jon Drayna: BOD/ Secretary

Guest & New Member Introductions

  • Total guests: 22
  • Second-timers: n= 14

Events for 2023

Regularly-Scheduled Events

  • Mondays at 7pm, Norwich: Fusion 360 Computer Aided Design class with Carl S.
  • Even Tuesdays at 7:45pm, Lenox: Paint Room/Spray Gun training with John K.
  • Most Tuesdays at 7:45pm, Lenox: Stained glass training with Bill and Bobbie Coon.
  • Odd Tuesdays at 7:45pm, Norwich: Woodshop Differences Training.
  • Wednesdays at 5pm-ish, Norwich: Ceramics and Cerveza with Jeff M.
  • Wednesdays at 5pm, Norwich: metal casting area setup
  • Thursdays: Women's massive metal sculpture project. Watch group email for regular meetings
  • 2nd Thursday of Each Month at 7pm, Lenox: 3D printer Basics Training
  • Thursdays at 6:00 - 8pm, Lenox: Woodshop Orientation Training (please message the Google Groups to RSVP) led by Bob R.
  • Second and Third Friday of Each Month at 6:30pm, Norwich: Board game night: with Kathy L.
  • Fridays at 6pm, Norwich: Open-Forge-Friday, Norwich. This week is intermediate class with leather working

Special events upcoming

  • This Saturday - First official training for long arm quilting machine (already full)

Safety Note

  • Hearing protection (or other PPE) that you forget at home is NOT protective equipment!

Helpful hint

  • If you are seeking help/advice but don't know how to approach asking. Describe the situation and ask them “Have you ever experienced something similar? If so, how did you go about handling it?”

Rule and Regulation of the Week

  • All donations that can't be immediately and appropriately placed on a hack rack need to be approved.

Member Topics and Announcements

  • Xavier offers free headshots for anyone who wants them
  • Hapto - Need help unloading steel from truck (4000lbs), will post call for help when needed
  • Jon - Delivery from furniture company Thursday, would like help unloading. 5 pallets of scrap wood.

Wrap up

  • Tours with: Jon, Hannah
  • Sign-ups: Alden, Callie
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