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Meeting #585 Agenda for July 26, 2022


  • Jeff calls meeting to order at 7 p.m.
  • Sarah made banners for empty storefronts.

Member Project Updates

  • Dan J made a new page on the WIKI

Members recognition for Awesomeness

  • Marcus picked up color paper for parking permits, donations, etc.
  • Marcus also got printer cartridges
  • Marcus picked up donations (electronics lab, and three 3D printers)
  • Dan J loaned Mike T diamond bits for ceramics.

Board of Directors and Area Champion Introductions

  • Jeff: President & Ceramics Area Champion
  • Bill R: BOD
  • Carl: BOD/Communications
  • Mike T: Facilities Director and HAM Radio
  • Dan J: Asst Treasurer, Forge area champion, manages the Norwich building
  • Alden H: BOD
  • Colin: Treasurer
  • Tim C: 3D printer champion
  • Bill C: Stained glass champion
  • Sarah: Laser co champion

Guest & New Member Introductions

  • Total guests: 10
  • Second-timers: 5

Tours will be done by Jeff M


  • Fusion 360: in person at Norwich on Mondays at 7 PM led by Carl S. Also streamed on line and saved for future viewing on YouTube
  • Ceramics and Cerveza: Wednesdays, 5ish, led by Jeff M
  • Forge Friday: Friday 6 p.m., led by Dan J.
  • Thursdays at Lenox Initial Woodshop Orientation 6 to 8 pm led by Bob R & Bill R, and Tuesdays, at 7:45pm Norwich differences led by Rick.
  • Board game night: second Friday of month, 6:30 to 9:30 at NORWICH (Kathy L.) Next game night is Friday, August 12th
  • Milwaukee MakerFaire: October 21st to 23rd, State Fair Park.
    • Call for Makers is OPEN.
  • Saturday, July 30th is Space Improvement Day at LENOX from 1 to 4 PM; food provided after clean up. No making from 12 noon to 5 PM.
  • Sunday August 14th is WIKI improvement day at LENOX from 12 noon to 3 PM. Food will be provided.
  • Starting Thursday, July 28th Mike T is holding HAM Radio class for your Technician license. Class will be held at NORIWCH every Thursday at 7 PM.
  • Next Board of Directors meeting is August 18th at 7 PM at our Lenox facility. This meeting is open for to all members to participate.
  • Stained glass class 7:30 every Tuesday after the member meeting. Stained glass class will be held at Lenox.
  • 2nd Thursday of the every month will be 3D printing training at LENOX at 7 PM. Next class is August 11th.

Safety Note

  • Wear eye protection. They will help protect against dust, metal and sparks.

Helpful hint

  • How do you get trained on a tool at the makerspace? Use the brand new Training page on the wiki, a one stop shop for every tool in every area:
    • Training Classes - How to get trained on every area and tool in the building. (must be logged into Wiki to view)

Rule and Regulation of the Week

  • Today's RULE comes from our Leather Working Area Champion Adam:

When working on the 4×8 table in the leather working area (in the east room at the Lenox building) or on the granite block, NEVER use dyes, paints or anything that can stain. These materials easily transfer to the leather being worked on that table and can ruin a person's project.

Member Topics and Announcements

  • Rick P retiring as Woodshop Champion. Looking for replacement(s).

Post Meeting Reminders

  • Any interested new members, see Board Members Jeff M and Bill R to discuss the sign-up process.
  • Begin Tour by Jeff M
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