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Meeting #573 Agenda for May 3, 2022


Jeff calls meeting to order at 7 p.m.

Member Project Updates

Dan J.: SID, a ton of good work done. Adrian: Ditto Lenox. Open forge bottle opener. Sara Hapto: Thistle cuttings to make window panels. Adrian: New engine in Stude. John: Large format 3D printer; follow in Wiki. Mike T.: Six-spindle cup turner for daughter. Camper updates, new counter tops.

Members recognition for Awesomeness

Gerend: got spinning wheel running. Rick: To Marcus, lathe moved from Lenox to Norwich. Jeff: Thanks to all who ran SID, and Faith, Jake, Tim and Mike for bringing food. Hapto, thanks to Kathy for painting.

Guest & New Member Introductions

n = 7, 3 second-timers. Sam (returning member); Rick; Rod; Theresa; Kendall; Jodi.

Board of Directors and Area Champion Introductions

Jeff; Dan J.; Marcus; Rick; Kathy H.; Mike T.; Alden; John H. Sara Hapto; Charlie named glass fusing area champion.


  • Communications: Nominated: Alden and Carl nominated. Voting was open over past week. Paper ballot voting at meeting. Carl winner.
  • Treasurer: Jeff Landreau and Collin James nominated. Voting was open over past week. Paper ballot voting at meeting. Collin winner.
  • Board-member at large nominations open. At-large board members assist, give input, take on special projects. Alden nominates self, Dan seconds; Mike T. nominates Charlie Powel, Jeff seconded. Chris running for re-election.


  • Fusion 360: in person at Norwich on Mondays at 7 PM., Carl
  • Ceramics and cerveza, Wednesdays, 5ish, Jeff
  • Forge Friday, Friday 6 p.m., Dan
  • Arduino class, Thursday, April 21, (waitlist) running three Thursdays, Class will start anew in late May or June.
  • Flugtag, Wed., 7 p.m. Norwich, Carl
  • Rick: Thursdays at Lenox will be initial wood shop training, and Tuesdays, Norwich differences.
  • Hapto: May 6, thrifted painting Thrift store Boogaloo.
  • Board meeting May 19, Norwich.
  • Bay View Gallery Night June, sign-ups coming out soon. (Hapto)
  • Board game night second Friday of month, 6:30 to 9:30 (Kathy L.)

Safety Note

  • When using compressed air to clear away metal shavings or wood chips, be aware of people around you. It's easy to send a particle flying across the room.

Helpful hint

  • If a machine doesn't work, check the circuit breakers before reporting an outage.

Rule and Regulation of the Week

  • Any work left unattended for longer than it takes to get a burger and come back should have a parking permit on it.

Member Topics and Announcements


Post Meeting Reminders

  • Any interested new members, see a Board Member to discuss the sign-up process.
  • One On One Introductions of Members to Guests
  • Begin Tour
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