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Meeting #570 Agenda for April 12, 2022


Member Project Updates

Kathy H.: Painting; Marcus: Sliding table saw on/off buttons moved; John H.: Pit Droid; John: Forged leaves, etc.; Mike T.: Threaded container; Karen: Catnip toys; Dan: City approved dust collector.

Members recognition for Awesomeness

Faith: Tim to Ikea for new craft lab table; Rick: Marcus, slide saw, John Hummer, new blade guard; Kathy: People emptying trash; Jon D.: Steve B. for surgical appliances.

Guest & New Member Introductions

Logan; Jen; Steve; Cindy; Azota; Elanor; Aubry; Brian; Laurie; Chris, Scott. About three latecomers.

N= 12, 4 second-timers.

Board of Directors and Area Champion Introductions

Tim; Faith; Marcus; Kathy; John H.; Mike T.; Dan J; Rick; Sarah Hapto; Bill Squared.


  • Adrian: Nominations for President closed. Sean and Jeff are the candidates to fill remaining 6 months of current term. Members will get email allowing them to vote online, or can vote in person at the next meeting.
  • April 19 nominations open for communications, operations and treasurer.
  • Sean Stump speech.


  • Fusion 360: in person at Norwich on Mondays at 7 PM., Carl
  • Ceramics and cerveza, Wednesdays, 5ish, Jeff
  • Forge Friday, Friday 6 p.m., Dan
  • Arduino class, Thursday, April 21, (waitlist) running three Thursdays, then …?
  • Flugtag, Wed., 7 p.m. Norwich, Carl
  • Rick: Thursdays at Lenox will be initial wood shop training, and Tuesdays, Norwich differences.
  • BOD April 21.
  • Hapto: May 6, thrifted painting mad tea party
  • Wiki improvement day, 23rd of April, noon, Norwich

Safety Note

  • Unplug machine tools before sleeping on them.

Helpful hint

  • If you notice the trash is nearly full in the meeting room, notify the cleaning people immediately. Note: YOU are the cleaning people. Please take out the trash and recycling.

Rule and Regulation of the Week

  • No sleeping at the Makerspace.

Member Topics and Announcements

  • Adrian: Needs volunuteers for 15 min. projects.
  • Hapto: Call for people to help with Bay view Gallery night
  • Mike T.: Earth Day. Library needs help with outdoor cleanup. Needs volunteers for MMS premises cleanup.
  • Mike: St. Francis schools robotics helped.
  • Need someone to do minutes for Board meeting on the 21st. See Jon Drayna.

Post Meeting Reminders

  • Any interested new members, see a Board Member to discuss the sign-up process.
  • One On One Introductions of Members to Guests
  • Begin Tour
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