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Meeting #522 Agenda for May 4, 2021


  • Project Updates (Show & Tell!) from Members
  • Member Recognition for Awesomeness
  • Membership Sign-ups
  • Guest & New Member Introductions
    • Please hold your applause so we can keep this thing rolling
    • Meeting adjourns

Helpful Hint

  • Want to learn how to use hand tools for woodworking? Wolfgang has set up a hand tool area in the Norwich wood shop. It is fully operational and he is ready to share his expertise. Drop him a note on the members only message board to set up a time to meet.


  • Next Board Meeting is May 20th. An announcement will be sent out. Members are invited to attend to see how the Board works and give their valuable input.
  • Maker Faire scheduled for September 24-26. The MMS level of involvement is TBD and will be preliminarily discussed at the next Board Meeting.

Safety Note

  • Please read the updated operation notes taped to the Drum Sander in the wood shop prior using. Earlier a video was shared which showed how dangerous it can be when instructions are not followed

Rule and Regulation of the Week

  • Don't park in the Norwich parking lot from the evening of May 3rd until Dan J gives the green light. The parking lot is being resurfaced, which may take a week or 2. Pls park on Norwich.

Member Topics and Announcements

  • Dan J is opening up forge training. Pls reach out to Dan to schedule a time
  • Spring elections are completed. Chris Thompson is new new Board Member-at-Large
  • Jeff Mann is our new Treasurer
  • Bill Reid is our new Secretary
  • Help is always wanted/needed at Norwich. See the punch list on the WIKI, or reach out to Dan J.

Post Meeting Reminders

  • Any interested new members, see a Board Member to discuss the sign-up process.
  • One On One Introductions of Members to Guests
  • Begin Tour

What Did We Talk About

Project Updates

  • Marcus is finishing up the paint booth upgrade and almost has the “new” 100 watt Laser Cutter fully operational. The deck is 40“x55”
  • Andrew made a planter cup which attaches to the window for his herb garden. He also shared a song on his banjo.
  • Tim fixed a power supply which was donated by Cardinal Stritch and placed it in the Electronics Lab.
  • Mike/Sparky is rebuilding his computer after it crashed.
  • Faith made a friend a serving apron with a secret message.
  • Tim is exploring and enjoying his new mechanical keyboard.

Guest Introductions

  • We had 9 new guests at our virtual meeting.
  • Marcus gave 5 of them a tour of Norwich

Recognition for AWESOMENESS

  • Rick P and Dan G for all their work on the Norwich wood shop
  • Carl S for his Fusion 360 classes
  • Tom G and Marcus S for helping Dan J with the parking lot resurfacing.
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