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Meeting #321 Agenda for October 18, 2016


  • Put “meeting tonight” sandwich boards outside doors 1 and 3
  • Remind members and guests to park on the ODD side
  • Ask guests to sign the guestbook
  • Project Updates (Show & Tell!) from Members
  • Member Recognition for Awesomeness
  • Guest & New Member introductions


“I'm baffled all the time. We don't know what's driving 96% of the universe. Everybody you know and love and heard of and think about and see in the night sky through a telescope: four percent of the universe.” - Neil deGrasse Tyson


  • Fall 2016 Board of Directors Election - Voting period ends tonight
  • Safety Note: Prepare & prevent instead of repair & repent.
  • Equipment donated by Aurora - more to come photos
    • See Tom Gr or Akai for this stuff. NOTHING will come to the space of any size without board approval and a champion. Some materials may be resold to members if there is interest.

Member Topics and Announcements

  • Kayla will be doing a pour on November 20, and wants to include the community (possibly a pot luck), aluminum and bronze casting. There will be pattern and mold workshops the two days before. Look for an email on the subject.
  • Class for mask making will be on Saturday at 1:00 pm - contact Kathy for more info
  • Tuesday night is trash and housekeeping night.
  • Meeting Adjourns

Post Meeting Reminders

  • Space Tour starts immediately following meeting, meet in front lobby.
  • Any interested new members, see a Board Member to discuss the sign-up process.
  • One On One Introductions of Members to Guests

What Did We Talk About

Project Updates

  • Kayla and Carl and company are working on Fusion 360, she's learning how to design a skate plate which she's going to mill on the Tormach
  • Joe finished a new table made with wood from the 1933-34 Worlds Fair
  • Matthew started brewing his first batch of mead

Guest Introductions

  • Dave found out about us from a friend years ago and finally made it, he's interested in lasers, CNC, 3D printing, woodworking
  • A friend of Pete's, he had the fire sculpture at Bay View Gallery Night, interested in laser cutting, 3D printing
  • Eric is on his second visit, and wants to join tonight
  • A new member is a professional sharpener, and is offering to take items and sharpen them
  • Robert is here on his second visit, and wants to join. He's a member of the Bay View Historical Society. Interested in laser cutting, 3D printing
  • Spencer is a new member and a sculptor, and is looking for help with making a mold
  • Ben is on his second visit and wants to sign up. He's interested in welding, forging and the metal shop
  • Krista and Casey are on their second visit and want to sign up. She's interested in metal work, blacksmithing, he's interested in robotics

Recognition for AWESOMENESS

  • Lexie thanks Adrian and the board for help contacting a former member
  • Keith thanks Mark for help on 3D printing
  • Kayla recognizes Lance for being a stellar president
  • A guest thanks all the members for being awesome!
  • Carl recognizes Matt and Mike and Rick for giving GoPros to take to Pittsburgh
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