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Meeting Agenda for December 18, 2012

24 attendees (7 guests)


  • Ask guests to sign the Milwaukee Makerspace Meeting Guest Book
  • Guest introductions
  • Project Updates (Show & Tell!) from Members (skip the whole “what you are into” part, just talk about projects!)
  • Board update
    • We're filing paperwork to become a non-stock corporation and will join The Space Federation soon thereafter
    • Signing the lease for Lenox soon
  • Moving!
    • Updates on Lenox and The Move
    • We need to move stuff into Lenox (to store it until we receive an occupancy permit)
    • The landlord at Chase would like us to be moved out by Dec. 31st
  • Rental Spaces
    • East room will be ready after the floor dries (Weds 12/19? Verify with Tom)
    • Vaults will be ready after the floors dry (Date?)
    • Improving on/building out rental spaces (i.e. add power, build a structure, etc.)
      • Security deposit?
      • Who pays for new wiring and conduit for added power
      • Work with the Board and Tom G.
  • Insert your topics here
  • Pack for moving from Chase to Lenox: Grab'n'Pack…GO! (Shane)
  • Meeting Adjourns
  • Any interested new members, see jason gessner or Brant Holeman to sign up!
  • One On One Introductions of Members to Guests
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