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Meeting Notes for January 10, 2012


  • 18 members
  • 2 guests



  • Introductions
  • Project Updates
  • Payment Reminders and a warning; door lock interconnectivity discussed (Jason G)
  • Jason to call landlord and ask about trailer in vehicle bay that showed up recently

Wiki and Website

  • A 2012 Maker Faire wiki page was added
  • Jason and Kevin discussed working on non-urgent website changes/upgrades
  • Year in review blog-post summary. What projects should we use? (Jason G)


  • Kevin gave an update on Welder Sponsorship Requests
  • Stickers, we passed the hat to collect (Ron B)

New Welders

  • Tom and Rich discussed what it would take to get the Hobart TIG/MIG/Stick machines up and running
  • The TIG machine needs 3-phase power and a step pedal

Circuit Bending and Contact Mic Seminar

  • Saturday, January 28th with CMKT4 at Milwaukee Makerspace!
  • Guys from DeKalb, IL
  • $10-15 per person

DIY CNC 3D Profiling Demo for Sunday

  • Add this to the calendar and Facebook pages
  • Also add a blog post invite PRIOR to the event to gather attendees!

Rental Spaces

  • Mallory Building Discussion (Jason G)
  • Dividing up Mallory into parcels and squares
  • Adding a mezzanine in the shop suggested
  • 4 vehicles max inside shop likely
  • The group noted we are not yet done looking for places and we're not ready to leave Chase Commerce yet
  • Physical requirements for tools and storage
  • Do we want it? How much will it cost?
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