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Meeting Minutes for December 20, 2011


  • 10 members
  • 2 guests



  • Everyone was reminded that automotive work should be limited to electric car conversions and all gas tanks must be empty prior to bringing into the building.
  • Clean-Up Day for December was canceled since the last Sunday of the month is the 25th.
  • Members were asked to keep their rental squares tidy.
  • The green hydraulic press will be moved to Tom's rental square and Chris offered to wire it up.
  • The Arduino float will be dismantled soon and stored with other items to free up space in the main bay. The loft was considered as storage location.

Member Pamphlet

  • Topics for the pamphlet include policies regarding guests, equipment use, training, an introduction to our social media outlets, Flickr and Youtube accounts, and how to use our website.
  • It was noted that anyone posting images to Flickr, should always share them with the MAKE Flickr group and any other relevant organization.
  • The pamphlet includes a reminder to keep the main aisle in the vehicle bay clear at all times and the locations of light switches, bathrooms, first aid kits, etc.
  • It was suggested that we organize all the building-specific stuff into one section so it can be easily edited or removed if we ever relocate.

Project Updates

  • Tom explained his idea to create a desk/hutch out of tongue-in-groove floor boards. He plans to work on it over the next few weekends and eventually post his work to the Instructables website.
  • Several members are participating in The Bay View Art Stop Design Competition and their proposal is due 01/06/2012.
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