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Hack Rack

The “Hack Rack” consists of a bunch of shelves where members can put things they don't need, but think others might find useful.

It was in the Lab at Chase, then it moved to the 3-D Printing Lab at Lenox, and now it consumes the whole north wall of the East Room.

You might find an old DVD player, or power supplies, or strong magnets, or, well, pretty much anything. It's all up for grabs.

There is one rule:
If you leave something on the Hack Rack, you should take something of equal volume off.

We've not got to the point where we've had to be more strict on this, but if the shelves start to overflow, we'll figure something out.

See something you like? Grab it! It's there because no one had a use for it. If you can use it, please do. :)

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