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Wood Shop General Page

Primary Area Champion: Steve Pilon
Secondary Area Champion: Bill Coon & Rick P
Trainers: Rick P, Bill R, Tom Gon


Tool training notes: all_training.pdf

Training Schedule: woodshop_training_schedule_jul-dec_2019.pdf

While we try to stick to this schedule, please watch the message boards for changes that may occur to the schedule.

Machine Status

Tool Status Note
Miter Saw Up
Planer Up
Panel Saw Up
Scroll Saw Up
Drill Press Up
Jointer Down
Bandsaw Up
Router Table Up
Spindle Sander Up
2“ Belt Sander Up
6” Belt Sander Up
Wood Lathe Up
Table Saw Up

Note: While we will do our best to update this as things change you may be best suited to ask on the Google Groups message board if something is functional. Keep in mind Milwaukee Makerspace is volunteer run, if you are interested in helping speak to an area champion, there are always projects to be built for the wood shop, training to be done, cleaning, and other items to help out.

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