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Stratasys FDM 1600


  • Stratasys FDM 1600 3D printer with ABS head
  • 1.75mm filament
  • ABS or ABS+ plastic resin material (use _only_ Stratasys OEM filament or equivalent such as Coex MG94 - ask Have Blue if unsure about material suitability)
  • Currently located in the 3D Printing Area


  • Official Milwaukee MakerSpace Checkout Training Document


  • See Have Blue for Insight 8.1 (Stratasys control software, last version to support the FDM series)

Current Status

  • June 2017: Functional… Last print had an under extrusion problem after 10 layers. Hotend was disassembled cleaned and reassembled. Further testing needed.

On loan from

  • Have Blue


  • SEP2014 - Arrived at Makerspace after Maker Faire


  • You need to be checked out on the Stratasys before you use it! There are melty bits and motors that can crush things. And it's hot.
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