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Other Forging Tools

These are special purpose tools for smithing. They should not get circulated with the rest of the hand tools. Ask Dan J before you borrow them for something else.


Most smiths build a large collection of tongs for special pieces and shapes. I expect that this list will grow with time.

  • Flat nose tongs - Bret D
  • V-Bit Bolt tongs - Dan J
  • Needle Nose tongs - Dan J
  • Giant Pile of used Tongs (Under the hot work table on forge) - Dan J

Chisels and Punches

  • Assorted Chisel Set - Dan J
  • Hot Chisels and Fullers - Dan J
  • Hot Punches - Dan J


  • Hot Cut Hardy - Dan J
  • Scroll Jig - Dan J
  • Cone Hardy - Dan J
  • Mushroom Hardy Dan J

Swage Block

  • Swage Block - Dan J

Other Forging Tools

  • Bending Fork - Dan J
  • Monkey Wrench for Twisting - Dan J
  • Collar Jig - Dan J


  • Forging area at Lenox

On lend from

  • Various


  • 12/10/13 - Swage Block and Hot Tools arrived at Makerspace.
  • 04/25/13 - Arrived at Makerspace


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