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#00 Kuka KR 30 Industrial Robot Arm


  • Kuka KR 30/2


  • Literature inside enclosure door
  • Outside pendant enclosure
  • Inside pendant enclosure
  • Arm nameplate
  • Arm motors (axes A1,A2,A3)
  • Wrist motors (axes A4,A5,A6)
  • User interface
  • Apparent robot name?
  • K921 Safety Circuit Diagram

Current Status

  • Needs Repair
  • Needs to be mounted
  • Needs safety cage/walls
  • Automatic mode proven
  • Wire safety switches into cabinet

Approved for use by

  • MattN


  • West Room

Donated by

  • An admirer


2013-06-15 - Arrived at Makerspace

2013-06-19: MattN

  • Continuity tested on data cables between terminations at motors and data port box on robot.
  • Power requirements determined, discussed with Tom Gr.
  • PC booted up standalone/separately from control cabinet. Special thanks to Tony and Paul for this one.
  • Connections for data/power/pendant noted on control cabinet
  • need keyboard/mouse/monitor
  • beginning formal discussion about physical location, I will submit a CAD drawing to BOD for tomorrow's meeting
  • *Matt J. has a possible consultant available


  • Internal connectors for control cables on the machine board are arranged in descending order from 8 to 1 (8 and 7 are unused on this machine)
  • Software: Kuka KR C1 version 3.2.6 SP03 with kernel version KS V3.67
  • Software to investigate (for milling)

Robot Task Force

  • MattN
  • Paul S.
  • Steve P.
  • Joe R.

TO DO List

  • Clean the Kuka
  • Mount the Kuka
  • Name the Kuka
  • Build a cage
  • Wire in E-stops/door switch

Test History

  • Tested each data cable for shorts and opens
  • No shorts and all pins measured 1-2 ohms
  • All cables use the same pinout
  • Cable for axis 2 has paint on the inside of the connector, but doesn't look like it affects operation
  • Electronics cabinet has been completely powered up and appears functional. Need to override “fence open” signal
  • T1, T2 modes work with deadman switches
  • Automatic mode works with jumpered plug

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