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Forging Hammers

These hammers are special purpose tools for smithing. They should not get circulated with the rest of the hand tools. Ask Dan J before you borrow them for something else.

Cross-Peen Hammers

These are the bread and butter hammer of blacksmithing, your #1 tool.

  • 1000g (2.2Lb) Peddinghaus
  • 1500g (3.3Lb) Peddinghaus

Rounding Hammers

Kinda like a very shallow ball peen. Useful for moving metal laterally, more agressively than a cross peen.

  • 2Lb NC Forge

Ball Peen Hammers

Useful for detail work that the Cross Peen is too aggressive/large for. Used for heading rivets, making leaves, texturing.

  • 0.5Lb Harbor Freight
  • 1Lb Harbor Freight
  • 1.5Lb Harbor Frieght
  • 2Lb Harbor Freight
  • 2.5Lb Harbor Freight


  • Welding / Forging area at Lenox

On lend from

  • Dan Jonke


  • 04/25/13 - Arrived at Makerspace


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