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"Green" Dust Collection System

  • 6“ duct system around the perimeter of the room
  • Serves five 4” connections and a 6“ duct to the table saw

  • Each 4” connection has a DIY blast gate damper
  • Pull out on the black loop to open
  • Push in to close
  • Connect flexible hose to which ever machine you're using
  • Close other dampers before turning on dust collector

  • There is no blast gate damper for the table saw
  • Dust on the floor can be swept under the table saw and into the duct inlet
  • Open the panel on the front of the table saw and push sawdust into the inlet with a broom

  • The on/off switch is a pushbutton down by the motor on the floor
  • Read more about the "Green" Dust Collector itself here
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