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CNC Mogul


On loan


Owner: Milwaukee MakerSpace
Champion: Harvey M.
Champion: Ed C.

Current Status


CNC Mogul


Roughly 36“ x 30” build area RotoZip tool


CNC Room


  • Vacuum Attachment
  • Z Height Probe (See Here)
  • Simple Pendant (See Here)
  • Limit switches



01/2014 - Arrived at Milwaukee Makerspace - check this date

Operating Instructions



  • The power switch is on the right side of the gantry
  • Drag the toolhead to home before you power on the machine
  • Home is at the bottom left of the table
  • The computer power button is on the front
  • You can load G-Code via a USB drive or using WiFi and connecting to MakerVault (Use extension .ngc)
  • If you need WiFi enabled you'll need to type the password (Ask Ed or Steve for the password)
  • The icon 'Launch CNC Mogul (Modified Home)' launches LinuxCNC
  • There are currently no limit switches, but if you home it at the bottom left it will use soft limits and not drive the gantry off the end (Hopefully!)
  • F1 is the soft e-stop button (This is for an “oh shit!” event)
  • F2 toggles power to the machine (This allows the current command to complete, so it is recoverable)
  • Arrow keys jog X and Y, page up & page down jog the Z
  • In LinuxCNC the red rectangle shows the bounds of the work area
  • Left mouse button drags, middle mouse button rotates, right mouse button zooms
  • Use the 'touch off' feature to set tool head on your stock (touch off sets your 0,0,0)



* For 2.5D you can use CamBam or MakerCam to generate G-Code
* For 3D stuff you can use pyCAM which can load STL files

barcodeDon't have barcode reader? Click here.

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