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  • Peter Wright Co.
  • Hundredweight: 1 1 27
  • Approximate date of manufacture 1900-1920
  • Manufactured in England!


  • English Pattern
  • Body is wrought iron
  • Forge Welded 1/2“ tool steel face plate.
  • Weight 167Lbs
  • Weight with Stand ~400 Lbs
  • Measured rebound is around 85%
  • Hardy Hole is 7/8” I am investigating the possibility of machining this out to 1“ for compatibility with modern anvils.
  • Stand was custom built at makerspace. Filled with loose sand, this provides good stability to the anvil but silences the bell like ringing that all good anvils have.
  • There are 2 box channel sections welded to the sides of the anvil stand, these allow pipes to be inserted. Once pipes are inserted the complete anvil + stand assembly is easily movable by forklift.

Current Status

  • 2 major blemishes
  • * Chip in face plate ~2 inches back from table.
  • * Horn was mutilated by a previous owner to make horseshoes. Can be fixed with alot of unplesant angle grider work.
  • Face is relatively free from dents, please try to keep it that way! If you are not sure how to accomplish this, ask Dan J for a tutorial.


  • Welding / Forging area at Lenox

On lend from

  • Dan Jonke


  • 04/15/13 - Arrived at Makerspace
  • 04/22/13 - Stand Constructed


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