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Power Wheels Area


The Power Wheels Area is an area that serves as the home for the Milwaukee Makerspace Racing Team, which takes part in the Power Racing Series at various Maker Faire events around the country. The team has been racing since 2010 and is one of the largest and longest running group projects at Milwaukee Makerspace. Most of the activity in the area takes place during “race season” which is (roughly) from May to October, though ever year we *hope* to get started a bit earlier. (New rules are released in January, which affect build decisions.)

Note that the Power Wheels Area mainly contains vehicles and materials and parts, and some specific tools, but no specific machines that you would need to be approved to use. Typically tools and equipment throughout the entire space are used in building and maintaining vehicles. For instance, building a vehicle and preparing for a race may require the wood shop, metal shop, welding area, forging area, craft lab, screen printing area, electronics lab, casting area, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, sewing machines, Tormach, etc…



Awesome Members

  • Kathy C.
  • Kyle W.
  • Mat M.
  • Tom G.
  • Erich
  • Marcin
  • Rick B.
  • Colleen
  • Andrew

Rules and Etiquette

  • Be Awesome.
  • Don't start too many fires.
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