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Laser Cutter (50 watt)


  • Universal Laser Systems / ULS-25E


  • Originally 25 watts, upgraded to 50 watts
  • 15 mm dia / 50.6 mm Focal Length ZnSe Lens
  • Work Area: 24“ x 12”

Current Status

  • Lens and mirror damage, parts on order. Laser currently operational


  • Current: Laser Cutter Room
  • Previous: Workshop, Chase

On loan from


Material Settings


  • 11/08/2011 - Arrived at Makerspace
  • 12/31/2012 - Moved to Lenox
  • 02/17/2013 - Some problems with random lines appearing, cuts horizontally
  • 07/20/2013 - Laser tube burnt out
  • 09/15/2014 - Laser tube burnt out
  • 10/30/2014 - Upgraded to 50 watt


Tips and Advice

  • We'll eventually collect all the forms people have filled out when using the machine and document them here
  • Be sure to focus the beam using the 2“ tall wood block stored just inside the lid of the machine
  • The black knob to the right inside the lid raises and lowers the table
  • Try not to bump the machine while it is running, the magnetic safeties are sensitive and will kill the laser if it thinks the lid is open

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