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Condition of the 60-watt laser lens

Date Photo Notes Logged By
5/18/15 0518151804.jpg Brant
5/18/15 0518151807.jpg Brant
5/21/15 0521151242a.jpg Topside of lens Brant
5/21/15 0521151242j.jpg Brant
5/26/15 0526151935a.jpg Brant
6/7/15 0606151116a.jpg Brant
6/26/15 0626151638e.jpg Brant
10/03/15 1003151313.jpg Brant
11/24/15 No image Shane reported as cloudly Brant
12/12/15 Center of the lens after cleaning. The large white object in the center (about 4mm in diameter) is where cutting fumes have accumulated on the lens and the laser heated them to the point where it destroys the coating. Without the coating, laser light is reflected back into the laser reducing cutting power and shortening the life of the laser tube. This destruction happens after the lens is not checked regularly for accumulation. Please check the lens before you start cutting and after long/smoky cutting. The yellowish blobs on the lens are where the coating has been scrubbed off the surface of the lens through improper cleaning. Only 50/50 pure alcohol/distilled water, or laser-champion-approved lens cleaning solution should be used. When you clean the lens, use a sterile q-tip (don't set it on the table or any other surface) and make sure that you aren't dragging soot from the outside of the lens over the middle. Only the middle ~3mm of the lens is actually used to focus the laser. Almost no pressure is required for cleaning. The soot should come right off in a single pass with no scrubbing (do not move the q-tip back and forth.) Scrubbing causes the scratches and missing coating you see in the photo. -Tony W Brant
12/12/15 Center of the two mirrors before they were cleaned. The white residue is from something creating smoke that is accumulating inside the cutter. This most likely happened when someone forgot to turn on the exhaust. Smoke should never reach the first mirror when the exhaust is turned on. The gantry mirror might accumulate soot when cutting materials like white-dyed plastic that give off a lot of particulate when cut. Please check after cutting if your material seems like it is giving off more smoke than usual. -Tony W Brant
12/12/15 See above. Brant
5/01/16 Brant
6/29/16 Brant
6/03/17 Lens coating damaged after air assist was left off during use Brant/Shane
4/22/18 Chip developing? Brant
6/02/18 Surface coating scratched? Brant
12/20/18 Crack/chip from bending? Brant/Elizabeth
12/20/18 Crack/chip from bending? Brant/Elizabeth
02/08/19 Crack/chip status Brant/Sarah
02/08/19 Crack/chip status Brant/Sarah
08/10/19 New burn mark Markus
11/03/19 Old scratches/crack/chip still present Brant
05/08/21 Good condition Brant
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