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These signs are (will be) posted in the space. Improve the contents of the signs by editing the content on this page.

Adobe Illustrator layouts of the signs are also available for printing, laser cutting, vinyl cutting, or other creative making process.

Milwaukee Makerspace Rules


Don’t use equipment you aren’t checked out on.

Clean up before you go home.

If you leave a project out, label it with a parking pass. (Passes are kept xxx)

Don’t bring any new equipment for the space until it has be approved by an Area Champion or the Board of Directors.

Unlabeled raw material in this room is available for anyone’s use.

Shelf Storage

Storage for Part-time, Student, and Veteran members.

One shelf section per member.

Label your shelf.

Materials must fit on the shelf.

Materials must not interfere with adjacent shelf sections.

Pallet Storage

Storage for Full-time members.

One pallet per member.

Label your pallet.

Pallets must fit on the rack.

Pallets must not interferewith adjacent pallets.

(Additional storage beyond the “included” member storage may be rented.)

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