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Ultra-MegaMax: Dominator (UMMD)


A CoreXY 3D printer being developed by Mark Rehorst at MMS. Already mostly finished, it has a 300 x 300 x 698 mm print envelope, is fully enclosed and will soon be heated for printing ABS reliably.


  • NEMA-17 400 step/rev motors for X and Y axes, 9mm wide glass core belts
  • Belt lifted Z axis driven by an OnDrives Rino 30:1 worm gear reducer that prevents bed-drop when the machine is powered off.
  • Linear guides in all axes
  • Cast aluminum tooling plate bed with PEI print surface and 750W line powered heater on a 3 point kinematic mount
  • 24V power supply plus two DC-DC converters to operate lighting.
  • Frame made from 40×40 mm t-slot extrusion
  • About 20W of white and 20W of UV LED lighting
  • Enclosure made from 8mm thick dual layer polycarbonate greenhouse panels
  • E3D Titan extruder and V6 hot-end

Uncompleted Tasks

  • Add heater to enclosure to get the temperature up to 50C for printing ABS



UMMD is fully functional (except the enclosure heater) and was displayed and operational at the Milwaukee Maker Faire last week.

Here's UMMD along side Son of MegaMax

Here's some of that sweet UV illumination

Video here:

UMMD prints a small vase using fluorescent green TPU

UMMD prints a 500 mm tall lamp shade

Get Involved

If interested in contributing, add your name to the list below, or mention it on the mailing list or at a meeting.

Project Members

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