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Inspired by a compass pin shaped lamp that dimmed according its degrees toward north - The Object Of My Affection (OOMA) is an Arduino powered lamp that rotates to point in the direction of the one you love.

Using Google Latitude paired with a smartphone, OOMA is able to find the coordinates of the device and triangulate against the location of the lamp itself. The device is USB powered in order to be initially paired to a Latitude account, gathering IP info for its own location, as well as gathering updates via the internet from the paired device.

Experimenting with an NFC tag to expedite the setup interaction between the user and their device - The tag would allow you to tap the device and grant access to your Google Latitude account.

Current Status

  • Started programming the Arduino to point toward the a Latitude account.
  • Working on lighting options to illuminate the white GPS shaped screen in either a blue or purple evenly distributed light.

Project Members

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