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 Here's some video of the first print in progress: Here's some video of the first print in progress:
 [[http://​​65081537|MegaMax first print]] [[http://​​65081537|MegaMax first print]]
 +Update: 10/02/2017
 +MegaMax was mostly a success and was finished about 4 years ago (I should really update the wiki more often). ​ However, one of the original goals was to print ABS and after building MegaMax I learned that the printer needs to be enclosed and kept warm to print ABS reliably. ​ That resulted in a complete redesign so MegaMax was torn apart and a lot of the materials were reused to make Son of MegaMax which has been residing at the makerspace for about 2 years.
 +Son of MegaMax has the same print envelope, but is fully enclosed, uses a Smoothieboard 32 bit controller, has electronics located in a drawer in the base of the printer, has a BullDog XL extruder and E3D v6 hot-end, and now uses linear guides in the X and Y axes instead of round guide rails. ​ The Y axis is driven by a ball screw instead of a belt.
 +Somewhere along the way I figured out how to make a stable 3 point leveling system and used cast aluminum tooling plate for the bed.
 +You can see and use SoM at the makerspace with about 1 hour of training.
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