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This is a list of grants, permissions, and hand-offs that need to take place when a board spot transitions to a new member.

  1. Financial/Legal
    1. New President and/or Treasurer to have personalized bank account card for expenditures
    2. New board member(s) to be listed as part of 501©3 / LLC / Insurance information
    1. Create Google Apps Account
    2. Assign 'Super Admin' privileges
    3. Assign to info@ group
    4. Assign to president@, treasurer@, facilities@, communications@, secretary@ group if needed
  2. Other Google Services
    1. Add to 'Milwaukee Makerspace Board of Directors' Google group
    2. Set user to 'Admin' on public, member, and champion Google groups
    3. Add to 'Board of Directors' Google drive
    4. Add user to 'MM General Calendar' Google calendar
  3. Wild Apricot Billing System -
    1. Edit Contact entry under 'Login Details'
      1. Set to 'Administrative access: Account administrator (Full access)'
  4. Linode Webhosting
    1. Change billing information to reflect new credit card information, if applicable
    2. Set member to 'Admin' on DokuWiki (
      1. If the member is using OAuth via Wild Apricot, just add “admin” role to their account
    3. Set member to 'Admin' on WordPress (
      1. This cannot be done using OAuth from Wild Apricot, the member will need a native account.
    4. Setup shell account on server if needed
  5. Physical Hand-off
    1. Provide key to building
    2. Provide keys for lock box and donations boxes if needed.
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