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Please Label Your Stuff

Things will get scrapped soon.

Don't Need

We might want them as sidewalk signs for the “Grand Opening”. We have a large nondescript building with no signage.

Agreed… signage for events is needed. — Pete Prodoehl 2013/02/05 10:13

This scrap needs to go

Source material for the aluminum furnace. Needs to be separated from the steel rods with the hydraulic press.

This is a massive pile. Lets not hoard it all.
The idea was to hoard the aluminum and scrap the steel.

East Room Pallet Storage

Blue/Red Jeeps

Up for grabs, if you want to build a power wheels with one of these step up!

Big Jake, TomGz's

Going to Tom's square this week.

Lot M2: One sheet of wood for EdH, rest is MMS

Ed originally had several sheets of wood, but they got separated during the move.

Lot G2: Misc. MMS stuff

Future scrap, except powder coating equipment. if thats really what it is.

Lot G3: MMS wire

Needs to be organized and put together with other wiring stuff, its a material source for the space

We are not a scrap yard.
I think this was originally saved for future wiring at Chase.
Most of it can probably be sold for scrap when we're done with wiring at Lenox.
Larger gauges can be saved for the electric car guys.


Lot M4: MMS stuff

Czapar ?

Lot M5: Mike Diedrick's pipe organ parts

Conduit/EMT pallet

Lot G6: SeanM's pallet







Dave Brill offered this up, and I said I would take it, but if someone else wants it, it's all yours! (If no one takes it, I may grab some parts from it.) — Pete Prodoehl 2013/02/05 08:11

David O?

Matt N

Matt N's pallet– needs a label


He is no longer a member. This has been here for a while. don't think he wants it.

I'm not a member, but I'm still overlord of the wiki MUAAAAHAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAhhhhh….. okay…. I don't need any of that stuff. To the hack rack with it all, I say! If someone really wants a 1975 Heathkit TV, it's all theirs. I've tried to sell it a number of times, so don't bet on it being worth anything. :P –Ross

Lot M8: Green DigiMIG Deluxe Welder and parts

Cigarette Vending Machine

Stock it with Arduinos?
I think this belongs to Jason H? (How about putting his name on it?)
One way or another, he should take charge of it.

Lot T9: Bob Dionne's pallet with a power wheels on top

Matt W Robot?

Lot T11: Grave Digger

Royce offered Grave Digger to me to build a new Power Wheels Car this year… if need be, I can rent a pallet to keep it on. — Pete Prodoehl 2013/02/05 08:12

Lot M11: JackD's pallet

Lot M12: JimR's awesome, awesome, efficiently used pallet

Tom's batteries

Future Scrap

The metal bin is Jack D's, I'm not sure what's on top of it


The motor is Guy L's, the gaylord is all shelving


Misc Garbage

Matt N

Vacuum former, move to vaults with screen printing stuff

I'd say that this belongs to Brent, but also, it is a tool that we should get operational for everyone to use. I would like to use it at some point. — Pete Prodoehl 2013/02/05 08:13

DaveS CNC project

GuyL's transmission


MarkR's CNC project


I dare you to scrap these :-)

2 of these are for Michael Bubolz. What about the other two?

They're Tom's. I think the original idea was that we'd have enough parts for one usable lathe. But they're all restorable. See Tom if you want one.


Scrap metal– we should sort this into keep/scrap


Scrap wood– either to wood shop, or scrap




Tom Gr's stuff








More of Michael Diedrich's organ pipes


Some of this looks like scrap for the wood shop




It's a table saw. We can probably get rid of it.

Can we sell it? Craigslist, or a member, perhaps? — Pete Prodoehl 2013/02/05 08:14

Joe Buck's pallet/motor

Screen printing stuff, needs to go in vaults

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