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Have you heard something interesting, amusing, or even shocking at the Makerspace or on the mailing list? Add it to the list…

“I barely made a mess this time.” - Rik B. “You’re not trying hard enough!” - Jon H.

“We have an outside?” “Yes, it's that big expanse of nothing between the Makerspace, your house, and American Science & Surplus.” – Keith M. and Shane T.

“The most successful thing we have built, to date, at the space is a perpetual drama machine.” – Matt J.

“Secret rules are certainly difficult to follow.” – Brant H. re: Project & Member Storage Policies

“I like to make people smile with my meat” – Devin, on grilling

“There is no Cloud, just other people's computers.” – Ron B.

“It's not delivery. It's Tom Klein.” – Brant H. re: Tom walking into the Craft Lab carrying a pizza

“I am running out of things to jiggle.” – Brant H. re: Fixing the projector

“Don't put that on the quotes page.” – Brant H. to Vishal re: the jiggle quote

“Just remember - MOAR EXPLOSIONS!” – Vishal

“Opened link, saw reference to maggots, closed link.” – Vishal

“I'm gonna go home and pill a cat.” – Lexie

“If you ask five members what is Milwaukee Makerspace you’ll get seven answers.” – Eric B.

“My 7 year old comes in with me sometimes, but he grew up in my shop and knows what will squish him.” – Ryan B. re: children in the space

“But you need dingleboppers!” – Rich P. re: a scarf Lexie finished

“Gravedigger basically won because it was the only car that didn't start on fire” – Royce re: Power Wheels Racing

“I'll looking to getting some unadulterated acid.” – Tom G. re: PCB etching

“Electric cars need cow bells.” – Tom G.

“There's toilet acid? Awesome…” – Matt C.

“It's a Smallogrifyer.” – Adam C.

“I've sawn the heads off of 3 bodies… with a hacksaw.” – The Digital Dentist

“I've always wanted a computer that was as easy to use as my phone. Now I've got my wish… I can't use either.” – Tom G.

“The Japanese bought Saab and are going to make all electric cars… They've been keeping an eye on the Makerspace.” – Guy L.

“Chase was a shit-hole and we made that work.” – jason g.

“If you wanna do goofy shit, use the Bosch table saw.” – MattN

“Oh look, it fell on the floor and now it's filthy.” – Kevin B. re: the ability to keep stuff clean at Chase

“What really wasn't expected was the smoke and fire that consumed all of the wiring almost instantly.” – Jim R.

“I loved seeing people jump when they touched the banana.” – jason g. re: his MaKey MaKey/Processing project

“I get freaked out every time you whip that thing out.” – MattN re: Brant's Gerber multi-tool

“I am now far more experienced in the removal, installation, and tensioning of the alternator and vacuum pump than I would like to be.” – JackD re: his ambulance project

“Most of those companies are run by dicks.” – Jason G.

“I hate insomnia but boy is it productive.” – Kevin Crowley

“I actually made that table. Cutting it up for firewood seems like poetic justice.” – Jim R.

“No matter what you do, you'll have somebody telling you that you did it wrong.” – Have Blue

“Everything in this space looks like a broken pile of junk.” – Kevin B.

“Planning produces plans. Doing produces results.” – Jim R.

“I think we only burned like, one kid…” – Pete

“Adam was voted to plan the party. One dissenting vote: Adam.” – From 1/31 Board Meeting Minutes, written by Adam

“I don't want to change the way we operate though… This ain't Chuck-e-Cheese.” – Adam

“Allow me to manage your expectations. What you see is what you get.” – Adam C.

“Hopefully the noise of soldering will not be too distracting to folks during meetings” – Dennis D.

“Royce, usually I'm scared to read your responses…” – Jerry

“I have now flown over 500 simulated sorties without successfully landing once.” – Jim R., on RC flying.

“If you are reluctant to remove the carriage because of not wanting to disturb something important like the saddle retaining plate adjustment, fear not, the retaining plates were probably not adjusted properly anyway.” – From an article in Home Shop Machinist about modifications for the Harbor Freight 7×10 mini-lathe, courtesy Ron Bean.

“No, no more lathes…” – JRock

“It seems that this model is truly idiot proof - I just proved that an idiot can't run it.” – Have Blue

“Once I used the severed head from my cat dissection mounted to a little table top standard to ward off talkative interrupters while I studied for my chemistry finals. It was very effective.” – Tburch

“For some reason fire seems to occur as a valid option for lots of things in this group…” – Niles Stonne

“I bet those drug lords have a pretty cool makerspace!” – Adam, referring to Columbian Narco-submarines

“This is all part of our Makerspace Adventure Game coming soon for the Commodore 64.” – Pete

“I'm too awesome for limit switches.” – Matt W.

“If I could apply the same energy to taking out the garbage, my house would be in much better shape.” – Brent B

“Perhaps we should solve it as all great problems are solved. With a sign.” – Brant

“We're makers. If it only takes you five minutes to put wheels on a trash can, you're doing it wrong.” – Shane T.

“the fire marshal hates extension cords” - Tom Gr.

“Strangers often turn out to be members I haven't met yet…” – Ron

“The vent fan for the bathrooms is up and running. There is a timer switch just inside the men's vestibule, please turn it on if you've done anything you are ashamed of :-)” – Tom Gr.

“It really doesn't get any more visceral - you've got fire, and you've got hitting things.” – Dan J., on blacksmithing

“I vote for Oct. 19 because that is the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.” “October 12th…to avoid the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.” – Jim R. and Vishal, on selecting a date for Milwaukee Maker Fest

“There is an xkcd for everything.” – Mike B.

“Weld at me bro” – Brant H.

“Made in USA, believe it or not. That probably means it was made by robots…” – Ron B.

“As with most of life's projects, this one, too, can be solved with a suitable application of laser on wood.” – Shane T.

“The hold down clamps are great for holding stuff down.” – Tom Gr.

Also, yes, if anyone's still wondering what the difference between gaffer's tape and duct tape is, “you haven't lived, man…” (by which I mean gaffer's tape is super excellent and also not all shiny and slippery and once you've used it you'll wonder why you ever used any other tape and then once you buy it, you'll realize that you used other tape because gaffer's tape is so expensive and sometimes, just sometimes, you can get manage to get by with something else, but really, you'd just like to use gaffer's tape for everything). – Jack'D

OMG! totes adorbs!” – Have Blue

“I don't want to live in a world where a sensor network and a robot can't be married.” – Pete

Our Motto: “nobody buy anything yet. I have something in the works.” – Pete (Quoting Jason H.)

“I always tell people we don't have any Engineers who are members… But we have nearly 100 OVER-Engineers who are members.” – Pete

“VGA? What am I, a farmer!?” – jason g.

My 2 cents worth: We are a maker space, a place members come to make things. We are *not* (and in my mind don't want to become) a: *Non profit social institution trying to change the neighborhood, city, state, or world (although there is always the possibility these things might happen) *An educational institution providing classes or job training (although any member who wants to do those things is welcome to use the space to accomplish their goals) *A business incubator intent on restoring the economy (but always a resource for those that are) We are a social club that shares resources and knowledge with each other. We are here to “make” and enjoy the company of other makers. – Tom Gralewicz

“It only takes one accident to change a life forever.” – Shane T.

“Two chemists agree: An ICP Mass Spectrometer is probably not useful for the space.” – Jack'D

“Hi Have Blue, you must be a professional in resin” – Dan Poon

“Grant me the courage to change the things I cannot accept, serenity to accept the things I've changed, and the wisdom to know I'm different.” – Bill**2

“I like to fix problems that exist, not imaginary problems.” – jason g.

“What am I, chopped ABS?” – Pete

“A makerspace is a building full of good ideas, the only great ones are those you actually build.” – Tom Gralewicz

“Thanks MMS. You rock. Thanks for letting me be a board member for a year. I got a lot out of it.” – Adam

“Everything a board members says and does is a reflection on the space. From talking to perspective members to calling out issues with members and the space. You are held to a higher standard and are likely to hear “board member X did it so why can't I?” – Tom Gralewicz

“The Makerspace is a Do-ocracy. We are all responsible for making the space a little more excellent, even if we are not on the board. I’ve tried to always do more than my fair share of excellent works and maintain 100% non-dickish behavior as a regular member. I don’t have grand plans to do anything different if I am elected, just continue helping everyone make the space better.” – Dan Jonke

“I want to put stuff on stuff.” – Brant

“I love it when a child learns that hot glue is, in fact, hot.” – Pete

“Hmm, now it's working again. All I did was unplug it and plug it back in. Weird.” – Ron B.

“There's two kinds of people in this world… Those who write documentation, and those who don't read the documentation.” – Pete

“Oh god! Linux just happened!” – Brant

“Have you seen our darkroom?” “No.” “Neither have we!” – Chris H. and a guest

“As the welding area champion, I say f*ck the welders.” – Dan J.

“Know what it's called when something blows up at the Makerspace? Tuesday.” – Brant

“Don't dues-bot me, bro!” – Author Unknown

“I'm interested in building a Little Free Catnip Library that I can give as a Wedding Gift… Is this event right for me???” – Pete

“Jackson Pollock ain't got shit on me.” – Adam

“You can't teach an old dogs two tricks in one day.” – Friend of Brant's

“Y.O.L.O - You Only Lift Once” – MattN

“Suggestions welcome, but please come in and look at it before suggesting things at random.” – Ron B. (Mailing List Veteran)

“I don’t think I will be able to come in on Tuesday. See you then.” – Kathy

“Awesome place. Fuck the weather, but awesome place.” – Random guest from Tel Aviv upon visiting the space for the first time during a Wisconsin winter

“I am easy to find, being the only 6' tall female in the place.” – Deboralynn

“Actually we don't even have to set it up, just the thought of it makes me giggle. I'm good. Carry on.” – Ed H

“If I wasn't laptopless on a train I would do it :)” –Tony W, posting on the mailing list from his phone

“It could also be solved with a power strip and a relay. let's not “water cooler” this.” –Brent B

“For me the space is like a church and the building and tools matter far less than the people who fill it.” –Joe R

“hammer + kuka robot = cnc hammer” – Frankie F.

“For the record, I believe that should say, “Garlic Naan Bread”….” – Shane T.

“Propane is a really safe explosion” – Matt W.

“You want to add abrasives as late as possible in the process because, well, it's abrasive…” – Have Blue

“Reminder: It's a WIKI page. Edit it, guys! :)” – Chris H.

“Open the f'ing pod bay doors, my friend.” – Pete

“If it burns, I'm happy” – Dan J.

“I usually judge people by how useful they would be during/after an apocalypse. This guy ranks pretty high.” – Adam C.

“So, um, Ed, and I think the bylaws are pretty clear on this, I believe you owe us a video of you 'crying like a little girl'….” – Shane T.

“I can see a bad scifi movie here. Maybe Kuka gets bored and pushes someone into the panel saw for fun. Later, there's a news crew interviewing Matt saying something like 'yeah, maybe we should have seen that coming.'” – The Digital Dentist

“I prefer the trainees to be in a calm state that is often induced by yoga. Actually, all trainees, please do some yoga before hand.” – Vishal (Wood Shop Guru)

“Know what people use AutoCAD for? Pain.” – Matt J.

“This is illustrative of an important lesson - if at first you don’t succeed, keep hitting it with a hammer!” – Dan J.

“Excellent print quality. also a jarring juxtaposition of the sublime and surreal.” – Adam C.

“You might have to eat a can of tennis balls…” – Ron B.

“I must register my extreme displeasure that you're not putting forged curvy bits into this” – Dan J.

“Is this what the bear feels like?” – Hiram

“But Brant doesn't do anything…” – Tiffany (cut off by shock and awe before saying “with the forge”)

“Yes, we could have done better ourselves. No, we would not have ever finished it…” – Joseph B.

“Having something in hand - even if you have to buy it - is better than 100 ideas that nobody has the time to implement.” – Tom Gr.

“When in doubt, add a cat.” – Rick

“That's a…ah oh god what is this?!” – Joe B

“I understand how that works but the fact that it works without breaking is still magic to me…apparently magic is precision in my mind.” – Tiffany

“You have an unhealthy infatuation with tables.” – Joe R.

“I guess I'll scrap the table I built.” – Kevin C.

“I'm at the makerspace - I can fix damn near anything.” – Chris H. on the phone with his girlfriend

“I just joined the BasementSpace, and would like to get trained and checked out on the washer/dryer…” – Have Blue

“Your device sounds pretty cool, and somewhat dangerous” – Larry

“I edit engineering drawings IN MS PAINT” – MattN

“Single-ply bath tissue: great for cleaning lenses, terrible for cleaning asses.” – Pete

“Putting your hand in there when the spindle is running is just asking for a Darwin award.” – Ron

“I'm fundamentally lazy, but don't worry - I'm really good at it.” – Tom Gr

“Don't tell me what your Power Wheels car is going to look like, just finish it so you can show me.” – Tom Gr

“Grammer and spelling need not be correct (although you might get some hate mail if they're not, because we're nerds).” – Ron B.

“Like that old saying goes: Everyone contributes to the Makerspace; some when they enter, others when they leave.” – Brant H.

“RAWR! I'm a full grown adult with many important things to do!” – Brant H., upon entering a room whilst wearing cardboard tubes on his arms


“We're off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Booze!” – Steve P. and Audrey skipping arm in arm to Siegel's Liquor Store

“Do you have a beer in your hand? Then reduce the science!” – Rob O.

“I'll be right back. I'm just going to wander into the Ladies Room.” – Lance

“All I know about axles is that I broke a lot of them in Oregon Trail.” – Colleen

“I would add there is an element of “customer service” to being on the Board regardless if people believe it's there or not.” – Brant

“I've burnt up more drivers than the Ford Pinto.” – Paul S.

“It is at 5×10^5 when it leaves the barrel at 650fps second. The boundary layer for turbulent to laminar for spherical objects is approx. 3×10^3.” – Vishal (doing science!)

“Let me share Tom's Entropy Rule for operating in a workshop: As we all know, entropy is the universe's search for a lower energy state, in other words the universe wants everything to be random and relaxed. It wants this really bad! So my solution is when I'm looking for something and can't find it, I start organizing things: “Hmm, widget X isn't under here, but there are 2 screw drivers, so let me put them away.” Its amazing how soon the Universe notices and says “Hey, that guy is reversing entropy, just give him what he's looking for so he leaves us alone” Totally unsubstantiated, 100% personal opinion says this method speeds the location of an item being searched for by 50% on average.” –Tom Gralewicz

“GUYS IT IS SO PRETTY I CAN'T EVEN” – Skittles upon seeing the brand new 3DS Cube Pro

“NO YELLING IN THE SPACE!!!!!!!!” – Steve P.

“Do we have an EMP at the space? That'd probably work.” – Joe B.

“I didn't mean to sound like a Nixon…” – Scott S.

“I'm shocked that the sign we put up wasn't enough.” – Brant

“That bone works.” – Vishal

“Anything worth doing is really best overdone.” – Scott S.

“Scratch is often aimed at children, though, so you may not want to discuss it on the list.” – jason g.

“I would like to start a line of Organic Tactical Artisan Breads and other bakery.” – Brent B.

“Hey look! I'm on the MMPIS!” – Chad

“Royce, come join team MagneTag. We need you buddy.” – Adam C.

“I'll be sure to grab you. Metaphorically.” – John C.

“Glitter is the venereal disease of the crafting world” – Felisha W.

“Show us your monkey!” – Lexie N.

“Some guy from some company left some fliers for something so I put them on the front desk.” – Jim R.

“It doesn't look too hard to make but you know how that goes…” – Vishal

“If you warmed a dead body to 90-100F, you could inject the chocolate into a major artery and push out all the blood, enabling chocolate embalming!” – The Digital Dentist

“I just keep stopping because my hair keeps starting on fire.” – Hiram

“Someone left a phone near the door to the paint room and it rang a few minutes ago. It is still there and has not disintegrated.” – Jim R.

“There are 6 of us here right now and we are all misconfigured users. ” – Kathy H.

“Telling the scammers “but I have a Mac” leaves them with zero recourse and causes them to hang up.” – Have Blue

“It's probably still excessive, but nothing exceeds like excess!” – The Digital Dentist

“At the outbreak of the French Revolution, Ducreux traveled to London. There he drew the last portrait ever made of Louis XVI before the king's execution.[2]” – Vishal

“That's the most social anti-social thing I've read in a long time…” – Lance

“Great, now I'll be up all night googling “Yosegi Zaiku”…” – Have Blue

“That's is my hat.” – Newly Elected Board Member Carl

“I tape mine to a spoon, and the spoon has a flower taped to it. It might be a spoon. It might be a pen I stole from the bank. Anyhow, it don't fit in my computer anymore, but I'm not losing it.” – Brent B., on how not to lose your thumb drive

“Remember that I've ruined more knives than you've ever started!” – Devin W.

“I'm not used to having access to so many tools” – Andrew K.

“Also, “transcranial doppler probe fixation headframe” is my favorite phrase of the day.” – Have Blue

“Don't makersplain it to me…” – Pete

“Supposedly we are building an elevated train system that will have a Raspberry Pi and travel from room to room showing what is going on and possibly looking at tiny billboards along the way.” – Pete

“I think we should have a “Little Free Hack Rack” and stock it with crap stuff that overflows from our real Hack Rack.” – Pete, re: building a Little Free Library for the space

“It’s in the east room, next to the fire poofer, across from Willie’s boat.” – Dan J.

“I thought I knew how to use spray paint…then I actually read the directions on the can. I was schooled by a cylindrical piece of metal.” – Shane T.

“You want rollerskates? I'll MAKE you rollerskates!” – Carl, quoting his Dad

“Perspex is acrylic for us non-Europeans” – Vishal

“Give me a chisel, I'll chisel for a day, teach me to grind chisels….” – Mike M.

“I did my part to ensure the right idiot be elected!” – Ellen F.

“Standard output of any 3D printer is 'barf'. Newer models are simply much more efficient at it.” – Have Blue

“I found out that if you say “Rise up lights” out loud it sounds like you are saying “razor blades” with an Aussie accent.” – Jim R.

“The mens room vestibule begins to resemble a retirement home for vacuum cleaners.” – Keith

“I wanna make one and I don't even need one!” – Shane T.

“Because AC is a jerk.” – Ed C., explaining why a rheostat cannot be used to control the speed of an AC motor

“Acrylic and lasers are like chocolate and peanut butter!” – Shane T.

“I'm reluctant to admit that I lack the capacity to resist a good electronics pun.” – Have Blue

“Too bad we don't have a dark room.” – Bob T. (in October, 2016)

“5 million volts ain't nothing to shake a really long stick at.” – Tom Gralewicz

“If anyone can show me how it should be used then I can determine if anyone else knows how to use it.” – Larry A.

“Wait … we can make thermally-sensitive glow-in-the-dark dinosaur stickers??!” – Chris H.

“Whatever that big info TV thing is by the somewhat white couches” – Rick

“Adding the power of a laser to the power of a crystal might lead to dire karmic consequences!” – The Digital Dentist

“Never underestimate how far a dropped screw can travel…” – Pete

“Hmmm, Beryllium is worth $230 per lb.” – Tom G.

“Insert kidney, push button, go!” – Niles S.

“It's doable but probably overly complicated, but hey, this is a makerspace…” – Keith

“Today we're shimming up the back of Tom's skirt for better clearance for it's two opening doors…” –FB post via The Dalek Asylum

“I almost burnt the building down once and I'm still here.” – Dan J.

“Two spaces after a period? Are you using a typewriter!?!?” – Pete

“Doctor Who Burlesque Show: Now there are four words that I never expected to be in the same sentence.” – Scott S.

“Were they human, animal, or both?” – The Digital Dentist

“I did not take any as I was doing something else.” – Willie

“I just got back from Oklahoma! (Not as great as it sounds).” – Harvey

“Maybe you could wear soiled bandages so it looks like you recently suffered an accident…” – The Digital Dentist

“That is the proper international standard of displaying time. See ISO 8601” – Markus

“You bunch of funkin' smart-asses with your letters and numbers” – Jake B.

“The most valuable tool at the makerspace is your brain… but you have to actually use it!” – Pete

“We will find you DB Cooper, I've seen your folder in the Makervault!” – Steve P.

“It's amazing what you can do with a microscope so you can see what you're doing.” – The Digital Dentist

“Champions are volunteers. That means they have a part time job that they pay $40 per month for the privilege of doing.” – Rik The Handsomest Landscaper

“Don't f*ck with shit that you don't understand.” – Tim

“I talk to leadership at other spaces about how we do things… sometimes they think we are insane.” – Pete

“I know more than nothing, but less than enough to be useful.” – Billy

“I can see him as a clown. He's very sociable.” – Steve P.

“It's brick. It's gorgeous on its own. Let it be brick.” – Brant H.

“Weasels are always welcome.” – The Digital Dentist


“Oh man… now I'm going to have to build another printer…” – The Digital Dentist


“The Provolone is not up for grabs” – Kathy H.

”…the fates have spun a predictable course for them…“ – Kyle W.

“Markus helped me stop the bleeding.” – Harvey

“To make a 24v coil work on 12v you need to lower the resistance of the coil so you get the same current, how about chilling the coil in liquid nitrogen?” – Tom G.

“As there are many sounds to the makerspace, there are many smells as well.” – Jeff M.

“Look out for anything labeled “neutron source” :)” – Brant H.

“In all fairness I wouldn't trust Microsoft with my brain.” – Andy A.

“Where does the sense of balance come from if their ears are gone”? – Andy A.

“It will grab and jump in either break your mill cutter or destroy your part. (You'll need to sit down for a while after this)” – Tom K.

“Anything less than 200lb is a glorified drill press” – Tom G.

“It's my time to shine!” – Dan J. (in quarantine)

“I do like a good sign…” – Brant H.

“I promise whatever you want to be true will be true if researched poorly/thoroughly enough.” – Kyle W.

“I don't know how the Space works anymore.” – Sam L.

“I don't actually need the lungs, so if you can help me get them out, you can have them.” – Moira

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