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BBCM/MoMi Collab Meeting - November 26, 2013


MoMI: BrantH, EdH, TonyW, DanJ
BBCM: Fern, Terri, MikeC, KathyC, others.


  1. Last meeting was 8/8/13
  2. MMS topics
    1. New Board was elected since last meeting
    2. MMS has been discussing long term goals, including a reduction of membership fees
    3. MMS discussed their policies regarding kids and past events, managing risks
  3. BBCM and MMS agreed that age is not always an indicator of maturity or competence
  4. BBCM topics
    1. Exhibit/project advisory council
      1. MikeC looking for advice, constructive feedback on various work
      2. MMS suggested using the public and member's only mailing lists to solicit help
      3. BBCM noted that other children's museums seem to be successful by focusing on the maker's own goals and projects
    2. Maker Faire / Makerfest
      1. BBCM wants Milwaukee to host a Maker Faire in the future
      2. If BBCM and MMS don't lead, someone else in town will
      3. TonyW mentioned contacts that have already been made between MMS and Make
      4. TonyW noted that MMS had some reluctance to pursue Maker Faire involvement for 2013
      5. $500 licensing fee was not a huge deterrent
      6. AdamC and TonyW have spoken with Maker Faire reps via conference call previously
      7. More space may be needed in the future, Lenox building capacity questioned for larger event
      8. Summerfest grounds could be a possible venue?
      9. BBCM and MMS agree that individual makers and artists should be emphasized, however there will be commercial interests wanting to participate as well, balance needs to be struck between the two
      10. This can't/shouldn't be done without support from local maker community
    3. KathyC indicated that BBCM will be disposing of props and other items
      1. Need to clear out some storage
      2. Brant suggested posting items with photos to a wiki page for members to browse
    4. BBCM indicated that they are waiting until their lease is reviewed before considering renting space at Grand Avenue Mall
    5. BBCM currently leases their building from the county

Click Here for Lexie's Detailed Notes

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